PopeWatch: Debate?

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Some fanboys and girls of the Pope are taking the Filial Correction of the Pope as a joke.  It is not:


To resolve the impasse between Pope Francis and those who have grave reservations about his teaching, Cardinal Gerhard Müller has proposed that one solution to this “serious situation” could be for the Holy Father to appoint a group of cardinals that would begin a “theological disputation” with his critics.

In comments to the Register Sept. 26, the prefect emeritus of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said such an initiative could be conducted with “some prominent representatives” of the dubia, as well as the filial correction which was made public on Sunday.

Cardinal Müller said a theological disputation, a formalized method of debate designed to uncover and establish truths in theology, would be specifically about “the different and sometimes controversial interpretations of some statements in Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia” — Francis’ apostolic exhortation on marriage and the family.

The Church needs “more dialogue and reciprocal confidence” rather than “polarization and polemics,” he continued, adding that the Successor of St. Peter “deserves full respect for his person and divine mandate, and on the other hand his honest critics deserve a convincing answer.”

“We must avoid a new schism and separations from the one Catholic Church, whose permanent principle and foundation of its unity and communion in Jesus Christ is the current pope, Francis, and all bishops in full communion with him,” he said.


Go here to read the rest.  Of course the Pope will not take the advice of Mueller.  He has a bad case and he knows it.  He will maintain his contemptuous silence and do as he pleases.  The Pope’s attitude towards all of Church history prior to his papacy recalls this statement from proto-robber baron Cornelius Vanderbilt in the 19th century:


“What do I care about the law? Hain’t I got the power?”

However, the Filial Correction is not aimed at the Pope, but what comes after him.

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  1. Fr. Dwight Longenecker has a good article on this. See (if you can stand to go to Patheos)
    His proposition is that Bergoglio, and a faction with him, want to get away from “forms” and go to “personal meetings’ with Christ. But that’s Protestantism isn’t it?
    Fr. Longenecker suggests that PF1 does not want to legitimize those “formists” by engaging with them, so he will continue to ignore their criticisms and requests for clarificatio.

  2. Yes, the pope does know how to marginalize his a opponents. Don’t dignify their question with an answer.
    I think we could learn from that in the tumult that goes on in the USA. Don’t give the loud and bad actors so much attention, turn the cameras away and quit handing them the bullhorn.

  3. Sept 28 As Jesus Christ is the REVELATION OF GOD, so too The Vicar of Christ on earth must be the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST. As JESUS Christ is the GOOD SHEPHERD, so too the Vicar of Jesus Christ must be a GOOD SHEPHERD. As Jesus Christ was the SUFFERING SERVANT to His Father in heaven, so too must the Vicar of Christ be a SUFFERING SERVANT to God, Our Father in heaven.
    The Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth must be the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST infallibly or not at all.
    The Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth must be a GOOD SHEPHERD, not any shepherd but a GOOD SHEPHERD, God’s shepherd.
    The Vicar of Christ on earth must be a SUFFERING SERVANT to God, Our Father in heaven.
    The Vicar of Christ on earth must first know and love and serve God before he serves man.
    “God first be served,” Saint Joan of Arc
    “The king’s good servant, but God’s first.” Saint Thomas More
    Pope Francis cannot save anybody’s soul, unless he saves his own soul first.

  4. Thank God for dates.
    Today is the day before the feast of the archangels celebrated on Sept 29, my favorite being Saint Rafael, because man is the raffia of God. Saint Michael is the thinking by God and Saint Gabriel is the speaking by God.

  5. from Father Longeneker: “Jesus, on the other hand, waded in and “made a mess” to use Francis’ terminology. He defied the legalistic technicalities, met people where they were and brought healing, compassion and forgiveness.” Jesus always asked the people if they had faith. Then, Jesus used the person’s faith to heal them, to feed them and to counsel them. Jesus did not force His teaching, His healing or ministry on any one but those who sought Him out. Jesus made straight the way of the Lord. Pope Francis is wrong in his accusation that Jesus “made a mess”. Jesus spent His whole life in correcting, straightening, healing and curing the sick in mind and body. The devil is the lord of chaos, confusion and communism.

  6. Pope Francis is irrelevant for those seeking either truth or The Truth.

    I just finished watching Dr. Jordan Peterson’s 12 part series on the Bible and it is wonderful. He shows the secular world that the Old Testament stories contain the truth of how life must be lived to be a successful person in human way. He has millions of viewers to this series. And he makes sense while Pope Francis only brings confusion. God will find instruments to carry his word even if they are non religious folks like Dr. Peterson.

  7. Bob Kurland:
    I read the Fr. Longenecker article. One thing that seems to be forgotten is that Jesus is free of original sin and has a divine nature. With the sole exception of Mary and her Immaculate Conception the rest of us mortals have to deal with original sin and its effects. Baptism only remits the penalty of original sin, the effects – concupiscence – remains for us to deal with. We are all born with a log in our eyes. Every sin, every log in our own eyes, compromises our spiritual eyesight. These logs can cause blind spots. We all need to correct this impaired spiritual eyesight if we are to have a true understanding of God and His will. The dogmas, doctrines, and teachings of the Church are a form of spiritual eye exam where we can test the accuracy of our spiritual eyesight. To me this is the purpose of the Purgative Way in contemplative prayer, to clean the logs out of our spiritual eyes to see ever more clearly God and His will.

  8. Michael Dowd: In addition to Jordan Peterson, you will enjoy Dr. Anthony Esolen and his writing on the human person.

    Dr. Kurland. Mary, conceived without sin, from the first moment of her existence willed to do the will of God. Mary’s immaculate soul was conceived in the mind of God when the Son of God willed to become the Son of Man. Before Adam and Eve disobeyed God, all souls were conceived without original sin. All souls are created in original innocence, sanctifying grace and still are created, but the human flesh of the sons of Adam is corrupt. I sometimes wonder that if Adam had told the serpent “NO” would Eve having eaten the apple count against the human race.

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