Roy Moore Wins

West Point grad, Vietnam Vet, and former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy Moore, decisively beat incumbent Luther Strange in the Republican primary and will now go to the general election in Alabama on December 12 against Democrat Doug Jones.  The Democrats haven’t won a Senate race in Alabama since 1992.

Trump endorsed Strange and campaigned for him, but Moore, an unconventional politician to say the least, seems more in the Trumpian mode of being outside of conventional politics.  Moore was heavily supported by Breitbart chief Steve Bannon, in a slap against his former boss.   As a trial judge in Alabama Moore successfully defended his right to keep a copy of the Ten Commandments on the wall of his courtroom.

He was elected Alabama Chief Justice in 2000 in an upset election.  Removed from office in 2003 due to clashes with Federal Judges, he was re-elected in 2012.  (In each of his elections Moore has been heavily outspent by his adversaries, usually five to six to one.  In the current election he just won he was outspent fifteen to one.)  In 2016 Moore defied the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling, and for his was suspended from office.  He resigned to run for  the Senate.

Moore has been a building political force in Alabama for decades, and I expect him to crush the Democrat in December.  The Senate will be a livelier place with him.


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  1. He would begin his day in the courtroom with prayer. Plaque with the 10 commandments in plain sight. His gavel is heavy, meaning every decision from his bench is carefully thought through… heart and head. His win is a win for all Americans.

  2. The Trumpers, i.e., aroused, normal Americans have spoken, again.

    Why did President Trump side with his enemies’ (chamber of commerce/RINO, “Republican” deep-state swamp scum) candidate?

    Still, Trump 2020!

  3. T. Shaw,
    Because he already has purists (of their own stripe) Paul and McCain sabotaging his legislative efforts, and he had hoped to avoid a third.

  4. I didn’t follow this, and know nothing of the race or the individuals in question, except for who Trump did and didn’t support, and that Mr. Strange was a tall man. Therefore I had the pleasure of hearing Mr Moore described fresh by CBS as a far right social conservative against gay rights, who had been removed from the court twice, and who rode in on a horse with guns in hand. Without knowing anything else and based on that story alone, he came off as a loon, a radical, a hate monger, and a man one step off Alt Right. That was my first impression. Naturally, I figured there was more to it than that. I just enjoyed the opportunity to hear about someone from the MSM for the first time, and experience what it must be like when people hear things from the news as their only source.

  5. Yvonne,
    I know that as AG Strange allied himself with EWTN on certain legal issues. I can infer the point of your inquiry, which is not unfair, but I am not aware of Moore ever expressing any hostility whatsoever for Catholics, Jews or other non-evangelicals.

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