SCIENCE!! Says: Having Babies Is Bad!

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Before we even dig into the reasons that allegedly support that headline, let’s talk about some category confusion. “Science” tells us what is, not what ought to be. Unless “worst” is qualified (e.g., the worst slope of a hill for achieving greater velocity when dropping a ball from the top), the phrase really has no meaning. Besides, the plain meaning of the reading is that it is “bad” for you.

Alright, let’s look at the reasons that SCIENCE says having children is bad for you. Here are the main points, distilled down.

You will have $13,000 less money per year, a total of over $220,000 by the time the child is 17.
You will sleep an average of 2.5 hours a night during the first two years of a baby’s life.
Your marriage will struggle during the first few years.
You will probably have less sex.
If you’re the mother, you’ll probably make less money.
Also, “Scientists predict that the world’s population will exceed 10.5 billion by 2050.” Which is obviously bad for you.

Point #1: if kids actually cost 13k a year, my parents would’ve been in debt, not putting away (slight) savings. POSSIBLY this can be explained by comparing DINKs (Double Income, No Kids, usually selected for high-power couples with tons of college debt and high demand jobs, no kids) to the “average” reproducing household (usually selecting for single parent households).
Sleep: baloney. Flat out, unadulterated bull based fertilizer. Look, I have five, and inherited one of those wrist band thingies that track sleep– my low point on nights is five hours. Including the “I am starving to death” baby. This might be possible, on some nights, if you have one of those highly irregular schedule jobs. MAYBE.
Marriage: Uh, nope, not unless you married without any idea of having kids.
Sex life: um. What part of five kids did you miss? The only time we have had less sex is when we’re states apart.
Less money: arguable. I could go make money, and then pay out 75-110% of it in child care and job related expenses, plus feeding us. (note: calculations based on Washington state, over five years ago, when my husband got annoyed at me being emo about not bringing in any money; I couldn’t disprove it, no matter how much I researched)


(EDIT: oops, removed the link when I was fixing the quote, forgot to put it back)

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  1. “Good,” “Bad,” “Better,” “Worse” are meaningless, unless related to their context.

    We can say a “good” runner is one who can run a certain distance in a certain time and then discuss what variables (time, distance) count as a “good” runner. A “good” pianist is bit mere slippery; someone who can play pieces of a certain complexity with a certain degree of dexterity, certainly; but these are not so easy to calibrate as time and distance.

    A “good” person? We have been arguing over this for 2,500 years, for want of an agreed metric.

  2. It’s the post-modern paradigm.

    Everything is politicized.

    Science/Truth only exist to advance or validate the narrative.

    The scientific method has been abandoned. Forget about starting with a hypothesis and testing it with experimentation/observation. They start with a prejudice and “prove” it with distortions, exaggerations, false equivalences, logical fallacies, omissions, outright lies.

    It’s how we got eight years of Obama. The public education monopoly and fake universities have produced a hundred million drones and imbeciles that can parrot alt-left buzzwords and can’t read.

  3. Not having children is a risk factor for breast cancer, for women anyway. (Men can and do get it as well, but much more unusual for them). Or doesn’t “science” mind that?
    Old age has been killing my sleep. I got more when the boys were little.
    Marriages go through “seasons”- yes, that first one who comes along can be a real shock. Then the teenage years. And that dreaded empty nest. Married couples ought to be forewarned (I wish I had been), but are capable of surviving, even thriving, the rapids.

  4. It’s listed as a risk factor, but I suspect that it’s actually got a shared cause– one being that most of the female birth control is hormone-based, and that if you’re trying to have kids and you can’t, there’s usually a major hormone problem.

    They have found that even a child you lost before they were born leaves an embryonic stem cell “mark” on a lady– to my dying day, I’ll very literally have a trace of our kids in my blood, and in studies they’ve been found to repair the mother’s systems.

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