Darth Vader? Really?

Hattip to Dale Price.  Go here to take a quiz to determine what science fiction character you are.  I was deemed to be Darth Vader which rather surprised me.  Or not.



My bride got Spock and that is logical since she has always liked female Vulcan characters.

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  1. Oh, great. Thanks much…. Ellen Ripley?!
    She did kick the hell out of the Alien but a woman???

    Nope. No gender disorder here. ?

  2. Snazzy dresser. Check.
    Charming accent. Check.
    Able to wear a cape/cope like a real man. Check.
    But it turns out I’m Fr. Darth Vader? Wow! I’d have thought this would have come up during formation. My bad!

  3. Half my answers were random (I’ve never owned a videogame console, for example). It coded me Spock. I think Dale Price denies that his younger self is here depicted:

  4. Maybe it’s a blogger thing, but I also got Spock:

    You are Spock! Much like this intelligent alien, you are logical, focused, and a great critical thinker. You are also a very curious person, and your sense of adventure will get you very far. Although it is very hard for you to control your emotions and make ethical decisions, you are trying very hard get it under control. May you live long and prosper.

  5. I can’t do the Vulcan neck pinch. It’s the sort of thing first-born sons do to their younger brothers.

  6. Ellen Ripley – and I always avoided watching the alien movies. I disliked the combination of horror and sci-fi. Actually, I dislike horror period.

    IN actual fact, the sci-fi characters I most admire are Spock, Data and Seven of Nine – all various Star Trek characters.

  7. Spoc, too, thoug if I were going to a Comic-Con, I’m doing Howie Mandel. I have done Howie for Halloween several times. Would this year, too, but a cousin of mine is being buried in Arlington National Cemetery on November 2, and appearing as Howie there would not be appropriate.

  8. Being married to a “Velma” Foxfier, I would say that smart, competent, resourceful, and low maintenance, women are a treasure!

    If I had to choose a science fiction character that accurately reflects me, I would like to think that I am Obi Wan Kenobi as portrayed by Alec Guinness. Alas in reality I suspect others might view me as Fowler from Chicken Run:

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