PopeWatch: Separated at Birth

Jonathan Last at The Weekly Standard reminds of the similarities between The Pope and The Donald:


I used to think of Francis as the David Souter of Rome. But the deeper we get into his papacy, the clearer it is that he’s incredibly similar to President Trump. Francis doesn’t read, or seem overly concerned with policy or theology. He’s dismissive of long-standing traditions and established theological “experts” and instead wants the Church to be more populist. He’s prone to speaking off-the-cuff and without the pieties of formality. He likes to bully his subordinates instead of building consensus. He has a knack for searching out hot-button issues where he can sow division rather than building consensus. He has an incredibly healthy sense of his own executive acumen.

Go here to read the rest.  There are of course differences:  the Pope is an ideologue for example, and Trump most certainly is not, but in matters of style they are very similar indeed.

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  1. I hadn’t thought of this, but it’s spot on. The other difference, as Don points out, is that Pope Francis is an ideologue. He has been tainted with the Peronista values and Liberation Theology. I pray to God for his conversion.

  2. And what of the populous?

    Divided Church?
    Divided Country.

    The discord and hate that is prevailing is deep.
    Where is the great uniter?

    I have more questions than good answers, but it seems like this is the time to build a strong relationship with God. That the flakey leadership we have is proof that our only hope is in God. Maybe that is the answer? The great uniter is not going to be in human form this time around. This time around it’s going to be plain and simple that our only hope is God.

    The Ark is Mary, our Mother.
    The waters are rising and it feels to me that there’s no end in sight of this monsoon. There is of course is the promise of victory. Right now that final victory seems distant.

    Our leadership team is struggling because the populous needs to fully rely on God. Man is not going to play the role of uniter this time around. I don’t see Trump or Francis in that role.

  3. (DISC personality profiling, see links below).
    – both men are strong “D”s where:
    “D-Type – Leadership style: Commanding
    Commanding leaders can be powerful and decisive, enlisting others to work quickly toward ambitious goals. Or they can be forceful, egotistical leaders who push others at the expense of morale.”


    Trump is definitely DI: “The Di style:
    The type of D is the most fast-paced. They are quick to act, perhaps too quick. They are often the most charming of Ds, probably because it’s easier for them to display more enthusiasm.
    It can be a challenge to keep the focused attention of a person with this style. They are easily bored. They love ACTION.
    DI styles frequently need help not to act in way other styles will consider overly aggressive. They can come across as egotistic, manipulative or overpowering when they are stressed of just trying really hard to get people to take action.”
    — I’ll add that they can be immature in some ways, also demand loyalty and give loyalty, they are the guy who says what everyone else is thinking but afraid to say… Big picture people oriented toward ACTION always moving not necessarily reflecting, they need good people on their team to know this and help them with decisions… mature “D”s know this and usually keep good people on their staff. When I listen to Trump say “We built this company” that’s good, it shows maturity in at least that area and gives me peace of mind.. As long as he has good people working for him (and I think he has) things will go well.

    Pope Francis, is definitely also a “D”, but which particular type I do not know…. I do not think he’s a DI, but he could be a DC… Sadly that phrase above sticks out “Or they can be forceful, egotistical leaders who push others at the expense of morale.”
    Trump is heavy on the not at the expense of morale, because he in spite of his faults is a strong “I” in “DI”.

  4. They do not have much in common. Trump has accomplished things in his life and raised a good family. Jorge Bergoglio has made nothing except make faithful Catholics annoyed or mad at him. Oh, the Pope believes in garbage – climate change, giving Communion to adulterers, letting Muslims live wherever they want. Trump doesn’t surround himself with failures like Maradiaga, who has overseen half of Honduras leave the Church. Trump doesn’t accept a crucified Jesus superimposed on a hammer and sickle.

    Trump’s bravado bothers me not, especially when I consider the alternative. Trump annoys all the people I love to see get it back in their face, such as CNN, the New York Times, etc. Bergoglio annoys me.

  5. Yes, a fair comparison but not the same supporters. Liberals love the Pope but hate the Donald. Conservatives don’t much like either of them. Overall, the Pope is far worse for the world and individual souls. Trump would make a better Pope.

  6. When I see Francis, I see Obama. They share the ‘Just give me my pen and a phone’ legislator. Neither have respect or desire for tradition. Bother political if the worst kind. At least one of them is out of the limelight although doing mischief from behind the curtain.

  7. Except that Francis is supposed to lead the Universal Church that Christ has entrusted to him, while Trump leads just another State, albeit the greatest on earth.

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