When you read about “Trust in Science”

-being rather low, remember it involves stuff like this:

Nearly 2,500 years ago, the Egyptian mathematician and philosopher Hypatia was stoned in public by order of the Bishop of Alexandria. As the cleric saw it, Hypatia had too many irritating features: she was a woman, a pagan, and in particular much too smart. In human societies, it always seems as if men, from time immemorial, have done everything possible to deny women access to knowledge and power, which are often linked. This hold began to loosen only during the Renaissance, when girls were (very) gradually allowed, and then encouraged, to pursue the same studies as boys. But the road has been long, and there is still quite a way to go.

h/t Agellius for finding a not-yet-updated copy.

Joseph Moore does a great job of cataloging the fail in the first two sentences at his blog, and links to a good corrective about crazy myth-building involving Hypatia.  He even has the grace to admit that the source he had was such that he wasn’t absolutely sure it was real…but turned out it was.

Remember, this is for the longest continuously published magazine in the US, with editors and a reputation and everything.

And…this came through?

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  1. There would be:
    1. No Science without Logos.
    2. No Logos without Christianity.
    3. No Christianity without the Papacy.

    HE freed us from darkness.

  2. Remember, this is for the longest continuously published magazine in the US, with editors and a reputation and everything

    Over the period running from 1985 to 1997, they vulgarized it terribly. I remember 20 years ago reading an article by an academic physicist who said he was told at the beginning of his career that if he discovered something important, send an abridged version of the paper to a rapid publication journal like Physical Review Letters to claim priority. Then send the full and complete paper to one of the subsets of Physical Review. Then, if you really had an audience and some time, submit an article to Scientific American. He said over the course of his career that Scientific American‘s decay made that last component pointless.


    PS, if women were so marginalized and debased by Christians and their Jewish for-bearers, then what of Deborah, Jael, Judith, Esther and others? And why did God condescend to become man via a woman? Why not just miraculously create a body and animate it from within? Indeed, what man is greater than the woman who bore the Christ child? And what of all those women who out of their own substance supported Christ in his journeys throughout Judea and the Decapolis? And those women who helped to finance and support the early New Testament Church? St. Paul lists some of them in his epistles. Really! Liberal progressive leftist nonsense is so darn irritating to have to debunk over and over and over again. Secular humanists are abysmally ignorant creatures.

  4. To begin, “Nearly 2.500 years ago would be more than 300 years before Christ was born. Ergo, there would be no Bishop of Alexandria. The unspoken purpose of the article is to libel Western Civilization, in general, and Christianity, in particular.

    We rarely see truth-seeking science. We are misinformed with politicized pseudo-science whose sole purpose is to advance a political agenda, almost always one of the liberal nightmares.

    It’s about politics which are (see Orwell) essentially coercion and deceit. Politicians have no morals, no values, no principles other than seizing control, taking more of our money, and augmenting power.

  5. Even though SciAm bungled the date of Hypatia by about 850 to 900 years, the secular distorted story of her life and death will always be promoted by the liberal elite, and the public (having little education in real history) won’t know any better. When liberals control the schools, they program the minds of the young as they see fit – to hate mysogynist, anti-feminist Christians.

  6. Except they’re overplaying their hand– over-reached, built up a very wobbly tower, and…well, “I know something you don’t know” is INCREDIBLY appealing.

    There’s a reason home-schooling is getting popular.

  7. David, your comment is so backward I have to reply to it.
    “There would be:
    1. No Science without Logos.
    2. No Logos without Christianity.
    3. No Christianity without the Papacy.
    HE freed us from darkness.”
    Point #1 is OK. Point #3 is wrong; just because God chose to found the papacy does not mean God could not have ensured the continuing existence of the Church some other way.
    The real problem, though, is point #2, which is blasphemous. The Logos, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, created heaven and earth,
    all things visible and invisible; He created Christianity, not the other way around. In the beginning was the Logos — but Christianity did not exist before the Resurrection and Pentecost.

  8. Science has a tradition of nonsense to go as a companion to the realistic. That’s just how it is. From transmutation of elements, to spontaneous generation to ether waves to that present day idol, imminent man made climate disaster. This is simply the price paid for scientific advances. Just as automobile technology spawned the Yugo and the Cricket, scientific progress spawns the present day equivalent of the alchemist. Trouble is, science rarely rushes to correct its errors until they become apparent even to lay persons.

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