PopeWatch: Pope Issues Apology for Lepanto



Well this comes as little surprise:


The Pope at the Vatican today issued an apology for the victory of the Holy League at Lepanto on October 7, 1571.  “All those poor Turks were seeking to do was to get to Italy.  How much better if our predecessor Pius V had organized a grand reception for them, meeting the Turkish forces with open arms and Christian charity and humility.  Why the whole course of human history may well have been changed for the better.”  The Pope also lamented the attribution of the victory of Lepanto to the intercession of the Virgin Mary.  “The Blessed Virgin always stands for peace and mercy, and not for war and what Man calls victory.  Our predecessor no doubt had his heart in the right place, but what he did by proclaiming the feast day of Our Lady of Victory was near blasphemy.”  The Pope then proclaimed that October 7 would henceforth be the feast day of Our Lady of Perpetual Defeat on which day Catholics will say rosaries in reparation for the many non-ecumenical sins Catholics have been guilty of in waging wars of aggression against the followers of the Religion of Peace.

Then PopeWatch awoke from his nightmare.  Well, sort of.

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  1. This is only the first event in the tag team apology tour Pope Francis and former President Obama will embark upon.

  2. This explains his difficulty with being an apologist v. apologist.

    (btw… EOTT could learn from you Donald.)

  3. A precious few years prior, in 1565, 600 Knights of The Hospital of St. John and a few thousands of the gallant people of Malta similarly failed to welcome the Grant Turk and 40,000 of his close friends. Thereafter, the Knights have been popularly known as the Knights of Malta.

    Papa Foxtrot seems to have imbibed the kool-aid of politicized, pseudo-history a.k.a. total lies.

    In fact, even prior to the First Crusade in 1099, The Religion of Peace had inflicted on its neighbors 68 major invasions, conquests and mass murders.

  4. @David….”Then PopeWatch awoke from his nightmare. Well, sort of.” DM

    No. Not real. Just a realistic nightmare.
    It happens when Irish Catholics have a night-cap of Bushmills instead of Jameson.
    Best not to run out of Jameson.

  5. I once saw a take on Harry Potter that makes sense. Liberalism sees itself as the wizards: born to be wizards through no particular talent, just awesome because they are. Most of the world is muggles. Lesser types, born that way, who need the wizards to look out for them. The death eaters? That would be anyone who fails to align with the wizards and condemn the only true force of evil in history: Christian Civilization and its bastard child America. Once the death eaters are tended to, the muggles of the world will rejoice and thank the courageous wizards for being their saviors. Eh. Not saying it’s foolproof, but it does keep some of the things said by progressive pundits and thinkers in perspective. It would sure explain the love affair that the media and liberal establishments have for the Potter series.

  6. My wife said “the saddest thing is that it’s not unreasonable that such an article can be written about a pope; it wouldn’t have been thought of for JP II or even Pius XII; that it’s not unreasonable that this Pope is an object of ridicule.”

  7. Contemporary liberalism is noted for contempt and intolerance. Liberalism has morphed into a very illiberal movement.

    Much of it seems generational. Robert Bork offered about 20 years ago that in his experience of federal politics, the culture of the Democratic Party and it’s associates was quite different after 1980 than it had been previously. Bork’s dating is interesting as it would be right around that time that the majority of those occupying the most elite positions in government, business, and education were drawn from those who did not have military service during the 2d World War. I cannot help but note that some of the gruesome features of contemporary higher education appeared around 1988, right around the time the majority of the tenured faculty came to be drawn from those who were students in 1966 rather than institutional employees.

    Thomas Sowell’s Vision of the Anointed, Paul Hollandar’s Political Pilgrims, and Alvin Gouldner’s The New Class are instructive as to the contours of political discussion and why our public life is the way it is.

    Did you catch this?


    The sheer perversity of it all married to the ordinariness of the school board responsible is gobsmacking. https://www.edinaschools.org/Page/111

  8. Oh Please
    Oh Please
    Oh Please
    Oh Thank you!
    The above represents my thought process while reading your post.
    It was on the greyest edge of possibility, you had me going…

  9. “Then PopeWatch awoke from his nightmare. Well, sort of.”
    Yes, but the nightmare remains as long as Pope Francis remains.

  10. Thank God that I mostly expect a fair dose of irony and sarcasm from TAC.

    But you had me going for a moment. After all it was Paul VI who returned Don Juan of Austria’s banners, captured at Lepanto, to Turkey in 1965.

  11. “Thank God that I mostly expect a fair dose of irony and sarcasm from TAC.

    But you had me going for a moment. After all it was Paul VI who returned Don Juan of Austria’s banners, captured at Lepanto, to Turkey in 1965.”
    Pope Paul Vi did not “return” the banners. Pope Paul Vi disposed of the banners to remind the Turks of Lepanto.

  12. I was looking for the Eye of the Tiber but it wasn’t there. Reading and rereading it from a phone screen (which I dislike ) I thought maybe it’s on the level. Sadly, it could have been true.

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