Idiocy in the Public Square

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Bess Kalb, a writer for Moral Authority of the Nation, Jimmy Kimmel, doesn’t seem to understand  that amendments are part of the Constitution.  Go here to read more about the abyss of ignorance she possesses about the Constitution.  Fortunately for her there are no laws against making comments about subjects of which you are bone ignorant.  Her boss is lucky also that is the case.  We live in time when the loudest voices in the Public Square tend to be people who are completely ignorant of our history and our system of government.  That is tolerable.  What is intolerable is that these same idiots often try to shout down and drive from the Public Square those who are not fools and who know better.



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  1. It all makes sense when to assume that the typical liberal literally knows nothing.

    Millions of Americans have suffered with it since November 2016. It’s identified in old medical texts. It was termed “melancholia moria” – melancholy with idiotism.

  2. You mention there are no laws against ignorant statements. Are there laws against purposefully agitating and frightening people falsely?

  3. It’s one thing to propagate stupidity in a semi-public forum, but to be paid an insanely large amount of cash and have the soapbox of the television medium to reach millions of listeners. That is criminal. Free speech and being an enemy of the state is a line that Kimmel is tripping over.

  4. Dry cleaning bill coming? 🙁
    Sorry about that Mr. Petrik.
    It’s frustrating when the propaganda machine is non-stop..(late night “hosts.”) Does Kimmel shed tears for the unborn?
    Maybe he does. If the unborn could voice an opinion I wonder if they might classify the liberial camp as being enemies of the state. Probably so.
    Rights for me but not for thee.

  5. “We, the people” have The Second Amendment to protect The Second Amendment.
    “You mention there are no laws against ignorant statements. Are there laws against purposefully agitating and frightening people falsely?” The First Amendment guarantees peaceable assembly. Justice is predicated on intent. That would be calling out “FIRE” if indeed there was a fire. No fire? that would be incitement to riot.

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