Why Trump?

A completely inept and out of touch leadership class is the main reason. Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, and lawyer, Kurt Schlichter explains it:


Where are the elite’s achievements? Our betters have been running things and yet they are the ones crying loudest about how awful things are. It’s another scam, of course. Things are awful, but not for them – do you think the Westside Los Angeles folks I dwell among are hurting? No, let the good times roll – on the backs of the people east of I-5. Things are hard out there in actual America (but improving under Donald Trump, the quintessential Anti-Better), and our ruling class is demanding action. That action is to direct more money and power to the ruling class. That’s the answer to every policy question. Yeah, they’ve failed, but if you reward them, well, then they’ll totally start succeeding.Iraq, the 2008 financial meltdown, health care…the hits keep coming, and the answer for the last failure is always the same. Trust us, and double down. Accountability? That’s for us suckers.


The bipartisan ruling class knows what’s up; it’s just deeply cynical and thinks we’re too stupid to spot the scam. Take Bob Corker, please. So, this guy is supposed to be one of the honorable mandarins of the Senate, a deeply committed public servant standing up to that big meanie Donald Trump? This is one of our betters? He mouths off at Trump and Trump, being Trump, shoots back on Twitter. And here come the vapors – how dare Trump not just stand there and take his dressing down from this paragon of pargonness? Then the media, the enabling Felonia von Pantsuit to the establishment’s Bill Clinton, starts talking about how Trump needs Corker’s vote for tax reform and how it was totally stupid and dumb and stupid for Trump to insult a guy whose vote he needs and … wait a minute. Did you detect a troubling premise within that line of reasoning? Did you notice how the media simply assumes that it’s just fine for Bob Corker to block critical reforms that will help normal Americans because his feelingz are hurted and he haz the sadz?
We normals are expected to tolerate a crushing tax system even longer because one of the elite is pouty, and that’s perfectly okay. Because us normals are not the priority. The elite is. It’s the ruling class’s country and we just live in it – at least until the elite can import an entirely new and docile electorate from the Third World to replace us.


You can tell a lot about a people by who they hate and who they idolize. They hate Donald Trump, and it’s because he has no allegiance to them and because he knows them so well from first-hand experience that he has absolutely no respect for them. All their hard-earned status within the hierarchy of the elite? He doesn’t give a flip, and the normals love it. Finally, someone is holding these pompous perfumed princes to account.


Go here to read the rest. It is deeply ironic that Trump, a life long insider, is the vehicle for the rage that misgoverned Americans feel, but that is the case. Under normal circumstances I would find Trump deeply appalling in many ways, but the circumstances are far from normal and have been since Reagan flew off into the sunset in 1989. The anger that Trump inspires among elites is, at bottom, the panic that people feel that change is coming and that they will not like it one whit. Trump is a last resort for those disgusted beyond belief by the status quo. Let us pray that Trump is successful. If he his not, I fear we are headed for a time of violence and chaos akin to the American Revolution, or, God forbid, the Civil War. Our elites are dancing at the top of a cliff and they are completely clueless as they do so, blaming Trump and the American people for their abysmal failures.

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  1. The general charge is true (and has been made by others – notably Conrad Black and Angelo Codevilla) but some of his specifics are bum raps. We live in an affluent country. The labor market could be in better condition, but employment-to-population ratios are now at about the mean of the last generation. You’re never overtaxed if revenue and expenditure balance. Inopportune sums may be allocated by the public sector, but that’s a different problem. Sad to say, vernacular discussion of how to address that is often silly.

    Our most salient problems are socio-cultural and they have two aspects: political corruption and incompetence (manifest on Capitol Hill) and the disposition of what Glenn Reynolds calls ‘the administrative class’, what Alvin Gouldner called ‘the New Class’ and what Thomas Sowell called ‘the Anointed’ toward the rest of society. The intersection between arrogance on the one hand and corruption and incompetence on the other is found in the court system.

  2. Well, yes, he was running against the gruesome one. That doesn’t explain why (1) Bernie Sanders went 80% of the distance toward demolishing her and why (2) north of 70% of the Republican primary ballots were cast for people antagonistic to what the McConnell-Donohue wing of the Republican Party represents. Jeb’s handlers took that boatload of donor money and made a bonfire of it. McConnell might just prefer contending with Trump to facing Ted Cruz across the desk.

  3. I confess, I rather like Trump. Okay, “like” is not the right word. I’m not sure what word to use. He has done some things I have appreciated (took him some time, but it is hard to move in a swamp.) EVERYBODY hates him. He must be doing something right. And certainly after the Weinstein affair, no one can say our “betters” are any better than he is. Actually, Pres. Trump might very well be better than a lot of them. I haven’t heard that he has sexted under age girls, for example.

  4. They hated Reagan, too.

    Trump’s effectiveness may be gauged by the volume of squealing out of the liberal swine (I apologize to pigs, everywhere!).

    Watch Trump’s actions, not what he tweets.

    If nothing else, he is moving the Federal judiciary away from fabricating-stuff-out-of-thin-air and returning it to the Constitution.

    Art, Where can I buy a pair of them rose-colored glasses.

  5. Trump is probably the only one capable of the Herculean Task of cleaning out the Augean Stable Obama (and many others) left behind. He has no debts to pay or compromises made to get the reigns of power into his hands. No power behind the throne, and the kingmakers are out of the picture. Hillary cannot resist showing us every day why we are so fortunate that she lost. God is in His Heaven and all’s right with the world.

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