They Sold US Out

Blockbuster revelations yesterday as to how the Clintons sold out the US to advance Putin’s hunger for American unranium:




These extraordinary revelations, apparently from frustrated FBI agents, were published in The Hill today. The corruption they suggest is extensive:

Before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium, the FBI had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States, according to government documents and interviews.

Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show.

They also obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.

Let that sink in. All of this was known before the Obama/Clinton State Department approved the controversial transfer of US uranium assets to Russia. But the Obama/Holder Justice Department did nothing.


Go here to read the rest.  All of this has been revealed before in the book and movie Clinton Cash:



Go here to The Hill to read the complete story.  When it came to Russia, Trump is being accused of doing what the Clintons had already done:  sell out US interests to Putin.  They did it for the cash.  Benedict Arnold is looking up and muttering that they make him look like a piker.

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  1. Bill Clinton took Chinese money for treasonous ends before taking Russian money. None of this is really news to folks who’ve paid attention to the Clintons over the years. What this better explains is Obama’s behavior through it all. There was virtually no chance Hillary would be indicted. Now we know Comey drafted the press release announcing no indictment back in May before the July “official” announcement at that never to forget press conference. Democrats have truly sold their souls. I guess once you rationalize killing innocent children on a massive scale, the rest is just details.

  2. We have reason to believe that as early as 1981 the Clinton’s were taking bribes laundered through a commodities broker who placed ‘straddles’ ( and then awarded HRC the winning bet. Small bets each day over a year or so and netting her a six-figure sum in 1981 dollars. She was fantastically successful at this activity but appears to have stayed out of futures-and-options markets ever after. This has been known about her for nearly 25 years, but no ‘investigative reporter’ ever figured out for whom that broker was acting as a conduit. Rahm Emmanuel, current mayor of Chicago, was paid $16 million for ‘investment banking services’ by Wasserstein, over a period of years starting around 2000. Emmanuel had no academic or professional background in accounting, finance, or economics. His most recent experience in commercial employment had been working for an Arby’s franchise. Then there’s the river of cash which flows to public figures like the Clinton’s in ‘speaking fees’. Some of this may be starf******* by the shallow PR-oriented people who seem to run most institutions (George Will used to get $15,000 for a speech at a time when nominal personal income per capita was 1/3 of what it is today; Will can’t fix a parking ticket) , but it’s a reasonable suspicion that a great deal of this consists of laundered bribes.

    Keep in mind what it used to be like.

    Gerald Ford was subject to derision for is assiduous post-presidential buckraking (something Richard Nixon’s precedessors eschewed and which Nixon limited to a one-off from David Frost). Michael Kinsley in his columns in 1983 tried (not very succesfully) to make an issue of Walter Mondale’s lobbying income. The thing is, Mondale’s income sources were transparent and the sums (about $500,000 after taxes – contextually similar to $2,000,000 today) are the equivalent of about 10 of Bilge and Hellary’s boilerplate speeches. At the time, reporters like Kinsley who wrote about the lobbying business considered to it be corrupt to a novel degree.

    You go back a decade earlier, you might recall Gerald Ford being raked over the coals in the media for going on golf holidays with personal friend named Wm. G. Whyte. Whyte’s day job was working as a lobbyist for the steel industry trade association. The residuum of the Watergate special prosecutor’s office actually spent weeks reviewing a trip the two of them had taken 12 years earlier and another taken 5 years earlier.

  3. Amici et Amicae,

    I really became angry as I read this post, not because of any inaccuracy (its truth cannot be doubted) but because we in the United States have brought this upon ourselves. We are denuclearizing our electric power industry because of temporarily cheap and available methane, and because of unreasoning and irrational fear at the word nuclear. So where exactly do we think the uranium was going to go? Hint: it wasn’t going to stay in the ground. It’ll go to those who will use it. Rosatom (who owns Uranium One, the Russian mining company involved in this scandal) and China Nuclear Power Corp are building new nukes all around the world. We are shutting ours down: already Crystal River, San Onofre 2 and 3, Keewanee, Vermont Yankee and Fort Calhoun are gone – thousands of megawatts of clean, safe, reliable electricity forever gone, replaced by dangerously explosive and price volatile methane burners. And Indian Point 2 and 3, Diablo Canyon 1 and 2, Pilgrim, TMI 1, Oyster Creek, and others are on the chopping block. And the Westinghouse AP-1000s at VC Summer 2 and 3 are dead. Why did this all occur? Obama put anti-nukes into the NRC and regulatory strangulation has had its predictable results much to the gratification of methane suppliers. Yes, Westinghouse went bankrupt – space does not permit me to go into the details of the Santee Cooper – Scana debacle here in South Carolina. But ask yourself this: who besides the Russians benefit from our denuclearization and selloff of uranium? METHANE PROVIDERS AND METHANE BURNERS. Exxon Mobile is always advertising clean natural gas. It’s a LIE from the the pit of hell. These companies all LOVE what has happened. Clinton is a pawn in their scheme. The Russians get what they want: cheap uranium fuel for their VVER reactors and American methane purveyors get what they want: our addiction to their product while the price is cheap. Then watch what happens. Give it five years at the outside as more nukes shutdown. They they’ll close that gas valve and prices will rise.

    We enabled Clinton to do this. The fault is ours. Disagree with me if you want, but I am on the inside of the nuclear industry so I see things differently than you.

  4. Fortune magazine estimates Bill and Hillary’s net worth at $240
    million, not including the slush fund that is the Clinton Foundation. Now,
    lest we forget, the Clintons claimed to be stony broke when they left
    the White House in 2001. Also, we had a steep downturn in the economy
    back in 2008, and the Clintons, like most Americans, likely lost wealth
    in that rough patch. Even so, Hillary was only pulling down $175K/ year
    while a Senator, then around $185K / year as Secretary of State, and Bill
    draws down just $200K / year in his pension as a former President, for a
    combined average annual income of $375K or so. At that rate, it’d take
    several centuries to amass $240 million.

    Now, let’s imagine that somehow B&H didn’t have to spend a dime of
    that income on food, housing, or any of the other things we little people
    spend our salaries on. And let’s imagine they didn’t lose a dime back
    in ’08, when the Dow lost 30% of it’s value almost overnight. Even so,
    for them to be worth $240 million today, they’d have to be pulling in,
    on average, over $15,250,000/ year in those speaker’s fees and book deals.
    Every year. And that $15.25 million / year figure is what it would take
    only if they didn’t have to spend anything on food, housing, travel, etc.
    In real life, their wheeling-and-dealing would have to be bringing in far, far
    more than just $15+ million a year to support their expensive lifestyle and
    still amass a quarter of a billion dollars.

    Personally, I’m very skeptical that a civil servant and her retired spouse
    could accumulate over a quarter of a billion dollars in sixteen years,
    starting with nothing and using only legitimate means. Those two grifters
    have absolutely been selling us out at every opportunity they could find.

  5. The greater sin in this grotesque abuse of servitude by Sick & Sicker, is that even after exposing these criminals for what they are, their loyal base wouldn’t flinch an eye. Their supporters would cheer them on BECAUSE of their behavior. That, unfortunately, is the truth.

    I wonder if they ever think of eternity?

    If one thinks not of eternity, then this life is it!
    One could rationalize any behavior.
    One could even kill another, and as long as the ends are justifiable in their minds, the means are a moot point.

  6. Well, Trump let Hillary go, claiming she’s been through a lot. Now she’s busy charging him with Russia! Russia! Russia!, if only to cover her own crime. It’s a tragic comedy we’ve all been watching; if only it weren’t so expensive!

  7. The truth places the Dems and NeverTrumpers in, thought to be impossible, in worse light.

    America is fortunate to have President Trump instead of such looters and thieves.

    “Successful and fortunate crime is called virtue.” Seneca

    “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.” Truman

    It’s all the same all the time. As with Willy and Harvey Weinstein, Hillary was a “successful” (though beaten in 2008 by a rank rookie named Obama) Dem, that can do no wrong.

    Being a protector of abortion, the welfare state, public employee/teachers unions, etc. means never having to say you’re sorry.

    Was that sufficiently uncivil?

  8. You know what is really funny? Right now, there is a lawsuit against Donald Trump for his overseas hotel chains’ income claiming it a violation of the “emoluments clause” of the US Constitution (Constitutional literalists who don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment, mind you):

    And Hillary and Bill are walking out of the building with billions in rubles to their “charitable foundation”. Uh-huh.

  9. Now, why can’t this deal be reversed? If I were Trump that’s what I would attempt to do. If nothing else It would shine the spotlight on real red herrings: the Clinton’s and Obama.

  10. It’s so pathetic. The Hillary supporters, like Phil, can only amuse themselves by being the ever loathsome troll.
    Poor kid.

    Beat it punk.

  11. Phil confirms what I always thought. Liberal progressive effeminate Democrat whose god never condemns unless it’s the political right being condemned, whose god welcomes everyone except orthodox Christian Catholics, whose god tolerates every opinion except the opinion of a conservative Republican, whose god accepts every gender except the male and female sexes established in Genesis, whose god approves of every filthy sexual deviation but never the sanctity of holy Matrimony between one man and one woman.

    Phil is a heretic and like every one of us here he too needs to repent lest he goes to hell for an eternity, an eternity of torture and torment he denies because his god never punishes and always permits every perverse deviation but never approves of righteousness and holiness.

    “Beat it punk.” Well said, Philip Nachazel. This kind of people should be defeated so they cannot have authority over others, muzzled so they cannot spread their heretical lies and emasculated so they cannot reproduce their filth.

    And by the way, Phil, your godlessly wicked woman of sin and depravity LOST, so you get over it. Like him or not, a majority of the States voted FOR Donald Trump and AGAINST your murderess.

  12. I come bearing good news. The election is over. And the idiots won! Yea!!!!

    Your idea of a non-idiot is who? Barack Obama, whose whole biography screams “hollow man!”? Nancy Pelosi,who has never had a non-political job she admits to and is where she is by leveraging connections? Steny Hoyer, who has been on public payrolls since 1962 and hasn’t practiced law in 40 years? Richard Durbin, whose biography is Hoyer’s with a timeline displaced about five years as he is younger? Charles Schumer, who has been on public payrolls since 1974 and never practiced law? John Podesta, mark for a phishing scam, whose entire worklife has consisted of political staff jobs, lobbying jobs, and sorosphere cog? Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who has been on public payrolls since she was 22 years old and whose most recent adventures have included being the protector of the Imran Awad family?

  13. Btw, I’m not a Hillary supporter. I voted for Bernie. Here’s why. He had a compassionate and bold idea of updating America to the 21st century by providing free college to all who would do the work, to be paid for by lucky folks who would never miss the money. Bernie was willing to stick it to Wall Street, arguably the biggest threat to world peace on the planet.

    In the general election I had to vote for Hillary, because um, I don’t vote for sexual predators, in the clergy or in the government either.

    It’s tragic that 50% of Catholics voted for the Groper-In-Chief, a decision which spread the child rape scandal credibility killing disease from the clergy to half the laity. Only half though, so there’s still hope.

  14. “Btw, I’m not a Hillary supporter. I voted for Bernie.”

    A communist! A thief of the public treasury! A writer of rape pornography! An anti-nuke power nit wit! And yes, you did vote for a predator because that’s what Sanders is! Three freaking mansions in VT! And he styles himself a man of the poor! And he is a baby murderer! An abortionist! And he advocates the sanctification of the filth of sterile sexual perversion! And you think Catholics ought to vote for that piece of crap!

    This is unfathomable. A freaking Soviet socialist and this guy Phil supports that! Before the current heretic Jorge Bergoglio took over, Popes CONDEMNED the socialism and communism of the likes that Sanders advocates.

    Compassionate and bold! What freaking lies form the pit of hell!

  15. I figured out why Phil purports that nonsense that an all-loving God won’t send people to be punished for all eternity in hell. Because otherwise he will have to give up his communism if he is to go to heaven. That’s what it is. If God is all loving and never punishes, then Stalin and Mao Tse Tung and Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro and all the rest these murderers are in heaven.

    Does not work that way. If someone is an unrepentant communist of socialist, then by definition they have rejected the Kingdom of God for a man-made paradise, and they go to hell when they die to burn for all eternity.

    This commie nonsense is the single theme through all of Phil’s nonsense that he has posted at various blog entries here at TAC today & yesterday. To him Christ is a socialist. He believes in that heretical fantasy. And Bernie is the new messiah.

  16. Ha, ha, well, at least we’re not getting all hysterical and going way off the deep end.

    Yes, Bernie defines himself as a socialist, which by the way, is not the same thing as a communist. Bernie’s vision of socialism is to try to hang on to a middle class nation. He would for instance, more heavily tax the very rich people to assist the very poor people, bringing everyone a bit closer to the middle.

    400 families in the U.S. own as much wealth as the lower half of the nation economically. 8 individuals own as much wealth as the lower half of all humanity! Eight people! Look it up, and be amazed.

    Supporting such a rigged system status quo has nothing to do with Christianity. Voting for Trump, a proudly bragging sexual predator, has nothing to do with Christianity.

    Ok, your turn, go hysterical dudes! Chew the carpet!

  17. Sanders is a left wing loon, but fortunately an ineffective one. He couldn’t even get his beloved single payer adopted in the People’s Republic of Vermont and he was defeated by one of the most inept politicians in the history of the nation: Hillary Clinton. His economic policies would have been a disaster for the nation, especially the poor, but fortunately they will remain the fever dreams of the terminally politically ineffective.

  18. To Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus and Donald McClarey.

    This is a George Benard Shaw moment;
    “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

  19. Here’s why. He had a compassionate and bold idea of updating America to the 21st century by providing free college to all who would do the work, to be paid for by lucky folks who would never miss the money. Bernie was willing to stick it to Wall Street, arguably the biggest threat to world peace on the planet.

    Wall Street is a ‘threat to world peace’ only in the breezy space between your two ears.

    “All who would do the work” and “lucky folks who would never miss the money” are both rather elastic concepts. The definition of the latter is generally ‘the other guy’.

    That aside, we’re already handing out baccalaureate degrees to 43% of each birth cohort (double what was done 30 years ago), even though the share of the working population in professional, administrative, and supervisory positions grows only very slowly if at all. Some of these additional diplomas incorporate vocational training which may add human capital, but a great deal of it is just labor market signaling. It’s an arms race between families concerned with the employment prospects of their children. We might just quit subsidizing the arms race and call the whole thing off, precisely what people pushing ‘free college’ don’t want us to do. We might repair the system of secondary schooling rather than leaving it in its decayed state while we delay the onset of adult life further by stuffing more and more youths in tertiary institutions.

    Of course, you could ration by limiting public financing of higher education to a fixed share of personal income and rationing berths in freshman classes at public institutions. You could do that with baccalaureate examinations of a sort they use in France. That would have required Bernie go nose-to-nose with consequential constituencies within the Democratic Party, which, of course, no Democratic pol will do (certainly not Sen. Frees***). You’d also likely have to hit the courts hard and high when they tried to claim the examination system was ‘unconstitutional’, which some craptastic collection of judges is sure to do. Ain’t gonna happen.

    If you bracket out private donations, endowment income, and specified fee-for-service income, the revenue stream from various sources (tuition, public subsidies, &c) accruing to state colleges and universities is now $197 bn give or take. Provision of that would require a flat assessment of 1.9% on personal income. If you have a high exemption and limit liability to people in the professional-managerial class, you’re going to require an assessment of 9% on that portion of their income over and above the exemption. I think some of them will miss that. (And that assumes private higher education doesn’t get a penny of public money. Bernie’s wife ran a private college. Ya think he’ll push that line?).

  20. His economic policies would have been a disaster for the nation,

    More likely just added to a certain sort of sclerosis. Depends on what he could get Congress to sign off on. The one thing the executive might do that would induce a disaster of sorts would be to replicate the monetary policies followed over the period running from 1966 to about 1981. Trouble is, you cannot give Millennial bernibros a taste of life as we knew it without giving the rest of us a taste of it too. Unpalatable enough the first time. (Bernie being Bernie he’d likely be promoting wage-and-price controls in that circumstance, in a double-act with Ralph Nader).

  21. I remember reading that it was over a century and a half ago that Boss Tweed in New York lamented the prosecution of politicians for “honest graft.” The way he saw it, payment was made to the appropriate power broker and something of value, contracts, a rigged ballot box or some other favor was given in return. It was never a matter of damaging the country or kow towing to foreign interests. It obviously was not an honest thing either but at least one did not have to worry about foreign navies sailing up the East River. Today we simply have that colossus of greed, immorality and power known as the United Nations sitting on the banks of the river. It would be difficult to say that was an improvement over the previous condition.

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