PopeWatch: Luther

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Father Z brings us this unsurprising news:

One of Pope Francis’ favorites of the Italian bishops, personally raised by the pontifical hand to power in the episcopal conference, Bp. Nunzio Galantino, gave a talk at my old school, the Pontifical Lateran University (“The Pope’s University”) for their LutherFest2017, sponsored by the theology faculty.

I read in Il Timone

“I’ve deployed against all the papists, against the Pope and indulgences but only by preaching the word of God.  And when I was sleeping the word of God was working such things that the Pope is now fallen.”  [Bp.] Nunzio Galantino, Secretary General of the Italian Episcopate, read at full voice this passage from Luther which for 5 centuries was considered offensive to Catholics.  “The reform started by Martin Luther 500 years ago was an event of the Holy Spirit“, the bishop affirmed while speaking at the Pontifical Lateran University to a conference promoted by the Pope’s school to celebrate the anniversary.

“The Reform”, Galantino underscored, “responds to the truth expressed in the formula ecclesia semper reformanda.”  “It was the same Luther,” the Secretary of the CI reminded, “who didn’t consider himself the author of the Reform, writing: “while I was sleeping, God was reforming the Church.”  “Even today,” the prelate commented, “the Church needs a reform.  And today, too, it can be fulfilled by God alone.”


One thing I’ll agree on with Galantino is that the Church is in need of a reform.

Go here to read the comments.


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  1. Please let me pronounce one better; The massacre at the country music concert held in Las Vegas was an Act of the Holy Spirit.



    The Reformation and the killing spree in Vegas were acts of an unholy spirit. If the Pope and those he appoints to head his departments wish to glorify Heretics then by all means leave the Catholic Church and become Protestant.

    They have over 35,000 sects to choose from.
    Or better yet..they can start their own!

    They could call it,
    Church of the New and Improved Hope.
    ( with new sin fighting formula and special ingredients to combat rigidity and traditionalism.) Membership Specials are running through-out the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Sign up today and watch your sins fall away.

    There. I even gave them a catchy catch phrase. No charge. Go get em’ Galantino!

  2. Since Luther effectively won over the Catholic Church at Vatican II it is only fitting that those who have been so transformed should celebrate. For those of us who find this event appalling we should pray and do penance.
    Also noted: Fr. Z, interestingly, has no comment on this disaster. He must feel it is unspeakable for obvious reasons.

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