Pope Watch–Rebuke to Cardinal Sarah

I don’t want to poach on Don McCleary’s turf, but  the following shouldn’t be passed up.   It’s from Whispers in the Loggia, a blog by Rocco Palmo that relates inside happenings in the Church hierarchy.   This is from his post 22nd October, 2017.

“In an extraordinary rebuke to one of his own Curial cardinals, the Pope has aimed to ‘explain simply, and hopefully clearly… some errors’ in his Worship chief’s understanding of Magnum Principium, his recent motu proprio on liturgical translations, indicating the new norms granting enhanced oversight to bishops’ conferences as a fresh development – and, most pointedly, declaring several key pieces of the operative rules in 2001’s Liturgiam authenticam ‘abrogated./

A year since Francis’ last open clash with his top liturgical aide, a personal letter from the pontiff to the CDW prefect Cardinal Robert Sarah (above, ad orientem), dated 15 October, was published this morning by the Italian outlet La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana and subsequently confirmed by the Holy See Press Office, then placed on the Italian homepage of Vatican Radio. (Ironically enough, even as this Ordinary Sunday takes precedence, today marks the feast of St John Paul II, under whose authority LA was promulgated.)

Noting that a lengthy, widely-circulated commentary published under Sarah’s signature earlier this month stated that LA remains ‘the authoritative text concerning liturgical translations,’ the Pope responded by relating that paragraphs 79-84 of the 2001 norms – those which deal precisely with the requirement for a vernacular rendering’s recognitio by Rome – were now abolished, going on to note that Magnum no longer upholds that translations must conform on all points with the norms of Liturgiam authenticam, as was the case in the past.’ “

See here for the  rest.   I am a great admirer of Cardinal Sarah, and I don’t know what to say about this.

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  1. The persecution starts here..the bride of Christ, Holy Catholic Church; 1 Peter 4:16-19

    16But if as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in that name. 17For the time is, that judgment should begin at the house of God. And if first at us, what shall be the end of them that believe not the gospel of God? 18And if the just man shall scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? 19Wherefore let them also that suffer according to the will of God, commend their souls in good deeds to the faithful Creator.

    Allegorically, this passage comes to mind.
    We are to buckle down, advance in prayer and be prepared to suffer.

    To me it seems like the judgement starting at the house of God fits well.

    Peace and confidence.

  2. Back to the inter-office memorandum language style for the liturgy–now with “inclusive” language.
    No, not right away. But another 10 years of Bergoglian appointees in the U.S. should do it.

    And it’s telling how quickly he moves when progressives squawk. He’s a good faction leader that way.

  3. This is a sad day- it is a blow against the Unity and Universality of the Church. Cdl. Sarah is a great man, as are the others whom Pope Francis has bypassed, sidelined or dismissed. I fail to understand this papacy, and pray for his ‘conversion’.

  4. Frankly, except for how he badly affects the Church, I don’t give one hoot for Jorge Bergoglio. I’ll pray my Rosary, I’ll read my Bible, I’ll go to Mass. But as for him, may the Holy Spirit knock some sense into his head or failing that, may he be deposed and anathematized. St. Paul stood up to St. Peter the first Pope. It is not therefore without precedence.

  5. From what I understand, PF is wrong. His written instructions say one thing, but his “interpretation” of it is different from what he actually instructed. He has now told Sarah and the rest of the Church to ignore parts of what he wrote and to do something else.

  6. I think that there might be some confusion about this particular letter and the context surrounding it. Father Z (not a leftist “c”atholic sycophant by any means) reviews this situation here:


    As I’ve been lurking a while and haven’t posted in quite some time, I should state that, like most here at TAC, this particular pontificate has been challenging for me. So, I’m confused: is Father Z’s analysis plausible or is Whispers in the Loggia more correct?

  7. John B.A.O.N–Thanks for the link. The argumentation seems very Byzantine to me, and my simple physicist’s mind doesn’t know what to make of Fr. Z’s interpretation. On the other hand, the account given by Rocco Palmo seems very straightforward; it’s hard to make any other interpretation of the letter other than rebuke. I should add that what I’ve read of Whispers in the Loggia would lead me to believe that Palmo is very sympathetic to the Church hierarchy, both in Philadelphia and Rome.

  8. “Pope” Francis is an evil man who is doing his best to undermine the Catholic faith. And he is succeeding because the majority of the Cardinals and Bishops basically agree with him. Beyond this there is nothing more to say. We can only pray and speak the truth about this to others.

  9. Find a Traditional Latin Mass and go to it.
    Short of that, be a pest to the Ordinary of your Diocese.
    Should this fool of a Pontiff try to suppress the Traditional Latin Mass there will be an open revolt.

    Jorge Bergoglio is ever the bully to anyone in the Church hierarchy who dares to disagree with him, but he has yet to openly confront a lay Catholic leader such as Hungarian PM Victor Orban or Polish President Andrej Duda. Both are resisting the EU’s efforts to settle Muslims in their nations. It will not end well for the Argentine if he tangles with the Poles. We know how to fight. Argentines don’t

  10. Recently at our little mission for daily Mass a prie dieu is positioned in front of the altar as an option for reception of the Eurcharist. Starting this week father has faced the tabernacle for the Consecration and there has been some discussion of the feasibility of ad orientem. For quite a while we’ve been singing the Angus Dei and the Santus, The changes are for the daily Mass and will slowly be introduced to the congregation for Sunday Masses.
    It will be interesting to see if daily Mass numbers are greater with these changes.

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