Prayers For Our Dead

O happy fault that earned for us so great, so glorious a Redeemer.






All Souls Day is a  good time to start a post where we can pray for our dead:

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

I ask Lord that the souls of Larry McClarey, Donald D. McClarey, Mary McClarey, Raymond McClarey, Thelma McClarey, Ralph McClarey, Chuck McClarey, Roscoe McClarey, Betty Taylor, Chris Bissey, Rowena Barry, Nanny Barry, Alice Moore and Dyke Moore, and some poor soul known only to You, may even now be enjoying the Beatific Vision.  May we all share in the joy of those who now see You face to face.

List the souls you wish to pray for in the comboxes.


The more one thinks about it, the worse it becomes. He got through so easily! No gradual misgivings, no doctor’s sentence, no nursing home, no operating theatre, no false hopes of life: sheer, instantaneous liberation. One moment it seemed to be all our world; the scream of bombs, the fall of houses, the stink and taste of high explosive on the lips and in the lungs, the feet burning with weariness, the heart cold with horrors, the brain reeling, the legs aching; next moment all this was gone, gone like a bad dream, never again to be of any account. Defeated, outmaneuvered fool! Did you mark how naturally-as if he’d been born for it-the Earth-born vermin entered the new life? How all his doubts became, in the twinkling of an eye, ridiculous? I know what the creature was saying to itself! “Yes. Of course. It always was like this. All horrors have followed the same course, getting worse and worse and forcing you into a kind of bottleneck till, at the very moment when you thought you must be crushed, behold! you were out of the narrows and all was suddenly well. The extraction hurt more and more and then the tooth was out. The dream became a nightmare and then you woke. You die and die and then you are beyond death. How could I ever have doubted it?”

CS Lewis, The Screwtape Letters


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  1. Pray for the living and the one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

    I pray for them. They (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends) loved me better than I loved them. Every day I work to do better. For example, my widowed, aged Aunt Loretta in the cold of a January night came to my mother’s wake (we should have sent someone to bring her) and when I said I hadn’t expect her to come, she told me, “How could I not?.” Someone drive her home. My Aunt Helen at her son’s (Korea vet, my godfather) wake touched my arm, and quietly told me, “My baby is gone.” I pray for them.

    Each night at the end of my Rosary (quality time with my Mother in Heaven) I mention my father and mother, my brother, a close/saintly friend, aunts and uncles (WWII and Korea vets and great men), grandparents, Lawrence Charles McClarey, cousins, friends, and too-numerous to individually name men and women I knew that never came home from September 11 and the wars back to Vietnam:I remember them with one name, an only son whose heroic death was such a loss to his family.

  2. Please remember my God parents, Joe and Gloria Taylor and his sister, my mom, Joan.
    My dad Frank and all of my deceased family including those of my wife’s. Dear God, for all those souls whom you placed in my care during my 17 and a half years in nursing. May they, each and every one, be by your side. May they in turn, please pray for us. For the brothers and sisters families who frequent this community. And for our religious dead. Those who helped us in our faith journey. Please be merciful to those that struggled in their vocations and are waiting patiently to be in your company from the greyness of Purgatory.

  3. I love this prayer. I wrote a list once and posted it on the fridge. It helps! It was long. And for all who need it.

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