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Pope Francis used an American military cemetery in Italy for his no war theme:



“No more, Lord, no more (war)” that shatters dreams and destroys lives, bringing a cold, cruel winter instead of some sought-after spring, Pope Francis said looking out at the people gathered for an outdoor Mass at a U.S. war memorial and cemetery.

“This is the fruit of war: death,” he said, as the bright Italian sun lowered in the sky on the feast of All Souls, Nov. 2.

On a day the church offers special prayers for the faithful departed with the hope of their meeting God in heaven, “here in this place, we pray in a special way for these young people,” he said, gesturing toward the rows of thousands of graves.

Christian hope can spring from great pain and suffering, he said, but it can also “make us look to heaven and say, ‘I believe in my Lord, the redeemer, but stop, Lord,” please, no more war, he said.

“With war, you lose everything,” he said.


Go here to read the rest.  Of course the Pope is wrong in his final sentence.  By being defeated by the US and its Allies in World War II, Italy cast off Mussolini and gained democracy.  By becoming part of Nato, Italy has had the longest period of peace for the peninsula since the time of Cato the Elder.  On a personal note, PopeWatch hopes that the Pope will not use a US military cemetery again for one of his historically ignorant pacifist screeds.  These are places of honor, and the brave men whose bodies rest there for their resurrection are not props for the Pope to use in his pacifist morality play.




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  1. Irony here is the kind of pacifism Pope Francis and present day churchmen preach is the very thing that makes war necessary.

  2. We always pray for World peace, e.g., the introductory prayer of the Holy Rosary.

    However, we must defend ourselves. We must prepare for war.

    “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” Plato

    “Gentlemen cry, ‘Peace! Peace!’ But, there is no peace . . .” Patrick Henry

    How is this for unclear thinking? Tell it to Neville Chamberlain. Likely Chamberlain has blood on his hands as do The Pope, Obama, Hillary, Schumer, and everyone else that refuses to recognize, much less fight, North Korea nukes, Islamic terrorism, etc.

  3. Obama and Hillary were never against war. They were just against wars that would actually be in America’s interests, preferring to meddle where we had no business, and usually for the wrong side.

  4. I’ll grant him good intentions/will/faith, but good grief– what exactly is he responding to? Is there someone out there actually going “yay! War!” that would listen to him?

  5. The wars-— visible and invisible, earthly and spiritual—- will continue I guess. Just like the fact that we will always have the poor with us.
    I can’t imagine St Michael just laying down arms.

  6. Frank the hippie pope. He ignores history and insults the dead. I picture him with a peace sign stitched on the front of his vestment.

  7. Proving once again listening to Pope Francis is only a source of misinformation, inappropriate commentary, and an invitation to despair.

    Lesson: Don’t listen.

  8. That last paragraph including your personal note is excellent.I feel like writing to him as an American. He is also saying all those lives were wasted. No they weren’t. And is he asking Our Lord please for ‘no more war’? …as if it weren’t man’s doing but sent by Him? What a mess…

  9. To Pope Pius V. Thank you dear soul for erecting the Holy League and going to War against the Muslim forces that were hell bent on conquest. It takes a strong leader to recognize the times when Holy men and women are called to arms. Not to engage a tyrant is evil.

  10. Pour pig fat over the ashes of the World Trade Towers deposited in Staten Island so that the ashes of the terrorists therein interred will not be honored in heaven with 72 virgins. Pig fat sends the terrorists to hell. Pig fat will deter other terrorist attacks.

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