November 5, 1775: Remember, Remember


Today is Guy Fawkes’ Day in England.  This Catholic-bashing holiday is not observed in America and the Father of Our Country is largely the reason why:

“As the Commander in Chief has been apprized of a design form’d for the observance of that ridiculous and childish custom of burning the Effigy of the pope – He cannot help expressing his surprise that there should be Officers and Soldiers in this army so void of common sense, as not to see the impropriety of such a step at this Juncture; at a Time when we are solliciting, and have really obtain’d, the friendship and alliance of the people of Canada, whom we ought to consider as Brethren embarked in the same Cause. The defence of the general Liberty of America: At such a juncture, and in such Circumstances, to be insulting their Religion, is so monstrous, as not to be suffered or excused; indeed instead of offering the most remote insult, it is our duty to address public thanks to these our Brethren, as to them we are so much indebted for every late happy Success over the common Enemy in Canada.”

Order in Quarters, November 5, 1775

General George Washington

It is good to remember just how wonderful a nation America truly is.

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  1. And T.S Eliot’s poem, The Hollow Men begins with “A penny for the old guy.” Guy being the Fawkes effigy kids would make. And it ends with the failure of the gunpowder plot. “Not with a bang, but with a whimper,” alluding to the horrific execution of the traitors. Guy Fawkes himself got lucky. He died during the first part of the process, the hanging. (The idea was to cut them down before death.) He was saved from castration, evisceration, burning his entrails before his glazed eyes, then dismemberment. Ah, Merrie Olde England.

  2. In Scotland, the 5th of November is celebrated, not only for the failure of the Gunpowder Plot, but also the landing of the Prince of Orange at Brixham, near Torbay in Devon on 5 November 1688 and delivering us from “Popery, slavery, wooden shoes and brass money,” an intriguing mixture of spiritual and material benefits

  3. Prince and princesses are the living breathing embodiment of principles. nothing more, nothing less. In prince and princesses there is an absence of any violence to the Ten Commandments.

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