Mark Shea Knows Who To Blame For the Sutherland Shootings

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My co-blogger Paul Zummo takes a peek at the Leftist shell that was once Mark Shea:


The last drops of blood had not been shed before this nut and his hypocritical followers were casting all gun owners out into the eternal darkness.…


Mark Shea

15 hrs

“This is a time for thoughts and prayers, not politics”. Bunk.
Using “thoughts and prayers” as weapons against taking action to prevent future slaughter is the *real* insult to the dead and always has been. It’s also an insult to God Almighty. By 12/31/17, 35,000 more people who should still be alive will–as on December 31 of every year–be dead. They will be dead because “thoughts and prayers” were used as weapons to defend the profits of an arms industry that could not care less about their deaths. Thoughts and prayers used to defend human sacrifices to Mammon are an abomination whether Mammon receives his libations of blood from Planned Parenthood or the National Rifle Association.

It is hardly worth responding to Shea anymore, but he of course he ignores that it was  a good guy with a rifle who likely brought this fiend to Eternal Justice:

Stephen Willeford, who lives near the Texas church targeted yesterday, grabbed his own rifle and rushed to confront Devin Kelley after being told an attack was underway by his daughter.

As the 55-year-old arrived outside the church he came face-to-face with Kelley.

Mr Willeford, a plumber with no military experience, shot him in the side through a gap in his body armour, forcing the killer to flee.

Mr Willeford and another passing resident, Johnnie Langedorff, then chased him at almost 100 miles per hour in a car as the wounded killer tried to make a getaway after taking a hostage.

Kelley is said to have killed 26 people – including a child aged five – when he stormed into the church on Sunday dressed in black tactical gear and armed with an assault rifle.

Go here to read the rest.  Weapons are as good or bad as the man wielding them, no more and no less:


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  1. Shea has become a badly done caricature of his former self. Perhaps he needs work, since he’s been fired from all (most of?) the at least marginally respectable web sites. I hear Cardinal Soupy in Chicago needs a press aide.

  2. Surprised to see Fr. Johansen, who has hardly uttered a word in a public forum in a dozen years, offer a viewpoint.

    Shea’s a bundle of animus and hardly seems to think anything through anymore. NRA members are now on his blacklist.

  3. It appears that Devin Patrick Kelley was divorced and that his wife’s parents are members of that particular congregation. They weren’t at services at the time, however. People who had him on their Facebook list describe him as a vociferous atheist.

  4. 1) How does he figure that the 60% of those gun deaths which were suicides wouldn’t happen?
    2) How does he figure that removing the one weapon that can be used with minimal training and physical strength will lower the murder rate?
    3) How doe she figure that saving the majority of gun death homicides– which are criminals shooting criminals– is worth the rise in violent crime against non-criminals? (Which is observable every time they disarm a population.)

  5. I avoid Mark’s writings now for the good of my soul. And the world’s a happier place because of it.

  6. As numerous people have already pointed out, the guy was dishonorably discharged, meaning IT WAS ALREADY ILLEGAL FOR HIM TO BUY A GUN!

    Again, my new rule holds: I will not listen to anybody about a new gun-control law until they can recite the existing gun laws the killer broke. (hint: they never can – they seem to believe “against the law” == “impossible”)

  7. Also, Mark shea continues to lie about guns.

    By 12/31/17, 35,000 more people who should still be alive will–as on December 31 of every year–be dead.

    Here is

    Look at the chart listed on the page. Number of deaths for 2017? 13,158.

    Oh and let’s look back in the past.

    2016? 15,084
    2015? 13,505
    2014? 12,564

    When numbers are involved, trust not a word Shea says.

  8. I’d thought there were only three sorts of discharge: honorable, dishonorable, and general. Evidently, he was granted a ‘bad conduct’ discharge, which is something different. (He was supposedly court-martialed after assaulting his wife and spent a year in a brig).

  9. There is no such thing as ‘gun violence’. There are violent people who use guns. New York was superlatively effective at reducing the frequency of homicide with scant change in the Penal Law provisions governing firearms. People who make hay about guns could not care less about how Rudolph Giuliani and Wm. Bratton engineered this.

  10. As many of the readers here might already know, Switzerland has
    the third-highest per-capita rate of gun ownership in the world,
    exceeded only by the USA and Serbia. In addition, because of that
    country’s universal conscription and its policy of having veterans retain
    their firearms after their discharge from the army, most of those Swiss
    firearms aren’t handguns but rather the SG550, precisely the sort of
    “assault rifle” that gives this nation’s gun-grabbers the vapors. In
    other words, most Swiss homes have one or more “assault rifles”
    stored inside.

    And the rate of firearm-related homicides in Switzerland? According to
    stats compiled in 2007 by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, 0.77 per
    100K Swiss were victims of firearm-related homicide, while here in
    the USA, that figure is about 4X greater, at 2.97 per 100K. I can’t
    help but conclude that the difference in homicide rates is due to
    something other than the availability of firearms– something that
    gun-grabbing doesn’t address. Folks like Shea, with their anti-NRA
    virtue-signaling, are missing the root causes of gun violence in this

  11. The killer would have made a bomb if he could not get his hands on a gun. Perhaps if he was taught that God is watching him, he might have behaved even before he assaulted his wife.

  12. Mark recently spoke at my Church. I always carry, I was carrying then when I shook his hand and spoke with him at length. He never knew, no one else knew, no one ever does (or should!) But if an attacker walked into that room it’s probable that they, and Mark and everyone would know.
    Mark has benefited from the quiet carry person, everyday thousands of anti gunners benefit from the quiet carry person. Let’s hope and pray that it is always quite for those who choose to carry.

  13. Blocked, though I may be, I can yet find my way to his page. This is just pure nuttiness:

    If I’m ever shot to death, please politicize the hell out of my death while my body is still warm. You will insult my memory if you don’t. Stand on my corpse and denounce the NRA as the terrorist organization it is. Ask, “If guns don’t kill people, why do they issue them to our troops?” Note that I’ve had a lot of people hate me with sinful hearts, but it was the person with the gun who actually succeeded in harming me with their sinful heart and that there seems to be some dim relationship between the bullet holes in my corpse and the gun they used to kill me. And if somebody has the gall to say, “It’s too soon!” ask them if FDR said that declaring war the day after Pearl Harbor was an insult to the victims.

    And now I shall make like David Griffey, and ignore this man’s insane drivel.

  14. NATE WINCHESTER : Also, Mark shea continues to lie about guns.
    By 12/31/17, 35,000 more people who should still be alive will–as on December 31 of every year–be dead.
    Here is
    Look at the chart listed on the page. Number of deaths for 2017? 13,158.
    Oh and let’s look back in the past.
    2016? 15,084
    2015? 13,505
    2014? 12,564
    When numbers are involved, trust not a word Shea says.

    Yes, Mark lies. I have it from an impeccable source, a highly placed official, Governor McAuliffe of Virginia, that there are 93 million gun deaths a day in this country. Why oh why does Shea lie and try to downplay this? Revolting.

  15. A new ordinance in Kennesaw, Ga., could make for the loudest noise heard from that northwest Georgia town since the roar of cannon during Civil War battles at nearby Kennesaw Mountain. The controversial law requires the head of each household to maintain a firearm and ammunition.Mar 17, 1982

  16. “One wonders if, after Samson, the philistines demanded ass bone control laws.”

    Which of Shea’s bones would we control?

  17. Paul, that is insane. That is lifting politics up beyond anything I can imagine. The madness of Mark Shea is why he should be avoided like the plague. He’s become the Jack Chick of the Catholic Left, and should be treated accordingly. Though, in fairness, I don’t know if Chick ever went that far.

  18. Gun-Control laws disarm only those least inclined to commit crimes. Those inclined to commit crimes will not be deterred by little laws on their way to commit big crimes. “Fury will find its Weapon”. I do not think many people on the Left really care about such an obvious verity. I do think Gun-Control is part of an ideological agenda.

  19. Well he finally put up 2 blog posts on the subject.

    This one is just full of rank dishonesty.
    I mean, in this bit:

    That right wing culture warriors are treating his outburst as some sort of persecution against the Church and refusing to forgive it is both a refusal of Jesus’ command in the matter of forgiving 70X7 and yet another sign that the culture war perverts the gospel.

    That bolded part? A link to a google search of [“Wil Wheaton” insults christians]. Just… HOW does he expect to find incidents of forgiveness when he expressly doesn’t search for it?

    The he goes back to the well with:

    All I suggest–demand, actually–is that the NRA-occupied Congress stop it’s 21-year war on information and knowledge about out gun violence plague and authorize the CDC to do the study that these lackeys of arms industry human sacrifice have forbidden since 1996.
    . . .
    So, let the CDC do the study the “thoughts and prayers” GOP slaves of the NRA forbid.

    Wow, look at all those non-existent studies. Ironic for someone that loves to shout “liar” in his combox whenever someone disagrees. I could probably do a whole TAC guest post on the many flaws in Shea’s posts. How this man has anybody believe a word he says is a mystery for the ages.

  20. The National Academies Press link above is from a 2013 CDC study. A review of the study is here:

    Some citations from the review:

    “Yet the study also looked at the effect of having firearms available for self-defense, and found that firearms are much more likely to be used in a defensive manner rather than for criminal or violent activity.”

    “The study admitted that the results of interventions for reducing gun violence have been mixed, including strategies such as background checks and restriction of certain types of firearms, as well as having stricter penalties for illegal gun use. However, the study did reveal that ‘unauthorized gun possession or use is associated with higher rates of firearm violence than legal possession of guns.’ In other words, law-breaking criminals are the ones most responsible for gun violence, not law-abiding citizens.”

    And from a 1993 CDC study confirmed by the 2013 study:

    “insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of any of the firearms laws reviewed for preventing violence.”

  21. authorize the CDC to do the study that these lackeys of arms industry human sacrifice have forbidden since 1996.

    It doesn’t seem to occur to him that Congress might want the CDC to study the epidemiology of actual diseases and not undertake sociological studies which public health specialists wish to undertake out of boredom or because public health as a discipline has now been corrupted by ‘activists’.

  22. I am truly saddened by Mark Shea’s continuing descent into whatever it is into which he is continuing to descend into.

    Meanwhile Simcha Fisher’s site seems to be infected with something. Possibly her own rabid thoughts….

  23. Nate,
    Funny stuff. But since it’s all too typical for Mark, also sad. I was going to post some more on Mark’s meltdown due to a FB link I got, but I think I’ll sit this one out. Did I say Jack Chick? I’m starting more and more to envision Fred Phelps when I think of Mark’s blog. It’s actually a tragedy if you think about it. Prayers for the man, and those who follow him, are definitely needed.

  24. @Dave- I hear you. Then I go and see on Mark’s blog today…

    That’s great and all but… when was the last time he posted something about a Catholic doing the same? Instead, yesterday and today we have praise for atheists and muslims. At some point you want to ask if his blog should be renamed, “Catholic but not too Catholic.”

    Oh and this made me laugh at the end of the post:

    God grant that I am able to be as good a man as this good man.

    God gives you a chance every day in the combox, Shea. Yet you can’t even muster the tiniest bit of charity there and have driven away all your neighbors. Who then is left to show mercy to?

  25. Mr. Shea is ignorant of a much larger cause of mortality than guns. It is the American hospital.

    When will Mr. Shea (One thinks he could profit from a fortnight or three on a locked unit in a hospital) write about death by Doctors (not including abortion) and death by hospital or is he in the pocket of The AMA?

    When Mr. Shea discovers this will he do what he usually does; act like Yosemite Sam , start shooting his mouth off, and lead the Patheos Posse into a Box Canyon bellowing senselessly?

  26. Now I just figured something out — pretty amazing. Simcha Fisher’s site got caught by the porn blocker in my house. I guess it’s good to know it works (Disney Circle is really good, BTW) but it is interesting that someone who lost her job over crude comments gets caught by a porn blocker.

    I was able to pull the site up on my phone and started to read her rant against the Federalist, but it was too long and boring. Need coffee….

    Happy Trump Day to y’all.

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