Memory Lane, the Schadenfreude Edition

How time flies when you are having fun:









Language advisory as to the below video involving copious Leftist swearing:




Perhaps the funniest take on election night, other than MSNBC’s actual election night coverage:





And last, and perhaps least:


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  1. It was not a good night for Republicans in Pennsylvania. City offices went to the Democrats (first Democrat DA in Scranton in 50 years), three of four Supreme Court Justices went to Democrats–and those were the most important positions to be decided in the election. Sigh… I’m not looking forward to November 7, 20 18.

  2. There are no permanent victories in politics, at least in American politics. The Democrats, for example, had a very bad year in 2010, and then held the Presidency in 2012. The Democrats this year were eager to go to the polls because of outrage over Trump and the Republicans were caught flat footed. This may, or may not, replicate itself in 2018, depending upon events, candidates and the economy.

  3. Re: the video from MSNBC’s election night coverage– when did
    it become acceptable to use that kind of profanity on nationally
    televised programming? Since this was being broadcast as the
    votes were counted, then this was going out during prime time.
    I haven’t had cable since the 90’s, so I missed the memo stating
    it was now acceptable for a so-called “professional journalist” to
    use that language on national TV. How can they expect to be taken
    O tempora! O mores!

  4. Bob – I don’t know how long you have lived in Pennsylvania, but there isn’t a whole lot of difference between Republicans and Democrats in Pennsylvania, with the exception of Philadelphia Democrats, who are in a (low) class of their own. For what it’s worth, the GOP is not going to lose control of the State Senate or House and Governor Wolf is about as popular as Tom Corbett was. Maybe less.

    The media gloating over the Virginia governor’s race was nauseating. For decades, the Northern Virginia suburbs of DC have had massive immigration from Latin America. A GOPe candidate like Gillespie inspires nobody anyway.

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