Clinton Health: The Inside Story

Remember last year when concerns about Clinton’s health were dismissed as right-wing rubbish by the mainstream media?



Former DNC chairman Donna Brazile says she doesn’t think Hillary Clinton would have remarked that half of Donald Trump’s supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables” if she was in “better health.”

Brazile reveals in her just-released book Hacked that she saw Clinton right before she made the “basket of deplorables” comment, and it was the first time she noticed “Hillary did not look well.”

Brazile “noticed her face was puffy,” “her skin looked pale and papery,” and “her eyes were glazed.” She approached Clinton about her health before the speech and observed her to be “wobbly on her feet” with a “rattled cough” so bad Brazile suggested medical attention.

Go here to read the rest.  Always remember that one of the goals of most of the media is to protect Democrat candidates during elections from true allegations.


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  1. America is fortunate to have Donald J. Trump as President. If nothing else (and unlike crooked, incompetent Hillary and his immediate predecessor), he doesn’t hate normal Americans and America.

    Warning: Uncharitable Comment. “Only The Good Die Young.”

  2. A Free Press yes…but a consistent barrage of lies to the public via the free press is traitorous and so-called journalists should be held accountable. Jail time? Yes.

  3. Cretins like Scott Pelley were willing to accept DNC press releases without critical attention.

    During the campaign, an anaesthesiologist posted a youtube which included clips of Hillary Clinton’s conduct at public events. His thesis was that her odd behavior on these occasions was consistent with Parkinson’s disease. The media have less manpower than they used to, and, regarding the Democratic Party, little motivation to do other than call up friends and relatives on the staffs of Democratic pols and ask for some material they can transcribe (or, cutting out the technology, just ask them at dinner).

  4. Art Deco, back when Ben Rhodes was Deputy National Security Advisor
    for the Obama White House, his job included riding herd on the press,
    getting them on board with his master’s developing deal with Iran. In
    an unguarded moment he gloated to a journalist that “The average
    reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience
    consists of being around campaigns. That’s a sea change. They
    literally know nothing”. The legacy media have no use for actual
    journalists who might ask awkward questions or fact-check the press
    release they’ve been fed. And, since there wasn’t much pushback
    when Rhodes made his public admission of the Obama administration’s
    contempt for the naive reporters it manipulated, I suppose that contempt
    is justified.

    What happens to a republic when the press allows itself to become
    the lapdog of the powerful?

  5. Who you gonna believe, me or your eyes? Goebbels or Himmler? Trotsky or Lenin? Brazile or Clinton? Lucifer or Satan? Stalin . . . .oops, he offed everyone else.

  6. I too am convinced that HRC has Parkinson’s—the periodic “gassed” appearance, the balance issues and collapses (I am sure there were many others of which we didn’t receive notice), the need for two or three days “off” to rest up, the occasional brain haze—my mother had PD for years and tried to hide it from me, and every single one is a hallmark.

    Parkinson’s does affect your judgment and your ability to conduct objective perception of how other people are perceiving you. HRC often appears to think that she is really being sharp and clever, when in fact she’s actually appearing very very odd. Parkinson’s.

  7. Donna Brazile, proud abortion supporting Catholic, is the best thing to happen to Democrats since the election of Donald Trump.

  8. One of the horrible effects of Parkinsons is paranoia as Steve Phoenix pointed out. A former resident in our care couldn’t cope without psychotropic medication, and the thought of a President battling this illness while trying to perform their tasks…

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