By their Friends Shall Ye Know them:
Mary Robinson, Friend of Francis, Champion of Abortion and Climate Change

Mary Robinson, former president of that once Catholic country, Ireland, and champion of abortion rights and climate change alarmism, is featured in an article in “Vatican Radio”.     It’s interesting that Pope Francis, possibly following that non-Catholic principle, “The ends justify the means”, has held hands with many eminent folks who propose policies directly contrary to Catholic teaching.   Besides Mary Robinson, there is Hans Schellnhuber, German academic who advocates we do all to promote “Gaia” (sp?)–population control?  abortion? one-world control?, Sir Parth Dasgupta–a population control advocate, and who knows how many others. (See here.)  Why does the Church become involved in political issues of dubious validity?

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  1. Because Francis is a shallow imbiber of international celebritics. Remember The Elders, that collection of jet setting bores assembled by Jimmy Carter? Mary Robinson was implicated in that. So was Desmond Tutu, quondam Archbishop of Cape Town, “Nighline” regular, New York Review of Books contributor, and anti-semitic grotesque.

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