Roy Moore: Send in the Clowns

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Every good dog and pony show should have a clown interlude and that was supplied yesterday by Gloria “No ambulance should go unchased” Allred.






Go here to read the accusations of Beverly Nelson Young, who, coincidentally (?), was in the same high school class as Moore’s future wife, who he married in 1984.  Moore has denied everything, and go here to look at a video of his statement.


What I find fascinating is the alleged signing by Moore of her yearbook.  I have long regarded handwriting analysis as at best an art rather than a science, but there are people on the internet pointing out facts that might indicate a forgery.  Go here to take a look at one of the posts alleging this.


I am not a handwriting analyst, and I will not play one on this blog, but I do have a few questions:


  1. Why would Moore sign himself as DA, rather than the Deputy District Attorney, the first full time one appointed in the history of Etowah County?  Attorneys tend to be precise about the offices they hold, and Moore, a newly minted attorney, would have been unlikely to claim the title of his boss.
  2. Why was the restaurant called the Olde Hickory House rather than the Old Hickory House, its correct name?  An odd mistake for Moore to make if he was a regular there, as the alleged victim claimed.  (Scratch this one.  An ad has appeared from 1978 in which the name of the business was spelled Olde Hickory House.)
  3. Handwriting tends to change as people grow older.  (I know mine has.)  How was Moore signing his name back in 1977?
  4. Why give a precise date, 12-22-77, after the note, when the note indicates it was written at Christmas 1977?
  5. OK, I will lapse into handwriting expert just once:  the 77 in Christmas 1977 and in 12-22-77 look different to my completely untrained eyes.
  6. Assuming that Moore had nefarious intent for the young lady, would he, as an attorney, have been stupid enough to give a potential written evidence hostage for the future?  I have been an attorney for 35 years and I can attest that most attorneys tend to be a cautious breed when it comes to protecting themselves.
  7. Why would the alleged victim treat the inscription like a family heirloom all these years?  Why didn’t she rip out the page, strike it out, or have colorful commentary by her written under it noting his attempt to rape her?

I have been involved in more than a few cases where a purported haymaker piece of evidence rebounds on those who seek to use it.  If I were Moore, and if I were innocent, I would demand that the yearbook be submitted to a panel of experts to analyze the handwriting and to attempt to determine the age of the ink.  Stay tuned for future developments in this ongoing soap opera.



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  1. Retaining Gloria Allred doesn’t come cheap. Somehow, I doubt
    either the accuser or her family have the means to afford Ms. Allred’s
    dubious services. So, just who is signing Allred’s checks? I’m
    sure it’s some anonymous Good Samaritan who just wants to see
    justice done. /sarcasm.

    This looks more and more to be a put-up job, and I’m guessing
    if Mr. Moore loses his bid for the Senate, we’ll hear no more from
    these people, much like Herman Cain’s accusers quietly faded
    away after he withdrew from politics. Interestingly enough, Allred
    represented one of Cain’s accusers also…

  2. Just looking at the picture, the “Moore DA” and other text looks “set off” from the other writing, and different in color. It looks like “Roy” wrote the message and someone added “Moore DA” and the second date and locale.
    Thin gruel in any case.

  3. I hadn’t thought of the graphology angle.

    Yearbooks are distributed in the Spring. Why would he be signing hers in December? Or using two different pens? And it is odd that the inscription is in script and the restaurant’s name is block printed. It is odd that he added the restaurant’s name.

  4. I’d like to know what make the accusations credible. Exactly which ones? And why are they credible? Everyone calling for him to quit says they are credible, but I’ve not heard anyone say why they are credible. Could someone do that for me? If he’s guilty of raping a minor, I’m the first to say he should pay the consequences, including obviously dropping out (or being tossed out as the case may be). But before we get there, could we show why these are so credible as to eliminate the presumption of innocence?

  5. But before we get there, could we show why these are so credible as to eliminate the presumption of innocence?

    What amazes me is that Addison Mitchell McConnell has prospered so in American politics while being bereft of any discernible talent in a realm other than running campaigns and politicking in the caucus. Same deal with Joseph Biden (though students of Biden maintain he’d have done well in real estate sales).

    Scott Adams offered nearly a generation ago that many of the problems in American business were derived from the institutional habit of populating management with clots who lacked specialized skills, the skilled technicians being too valuable in their current employments. Reviewing the biographies of Robert Dole, Walter Mondale, John Kerry, Joseph Biden, Marco Rubio, and Barack Obama, you have to figure maybe our problem is we’re staffing public office with people who weren’t making much of a living practicing law because dull.

  6. If Moore is such a bad actor, why did the lying media not march out these women any hour or day in the past four decades? The obvious answers, they are being paid and in fact weren’t in any way harmed by whatever attentions Moore may have paid them. The timing, weeks before an important (to get moving past GOP and liberal opposition the “Make America Great Again” Agenda”) election tells you all you need to know about the charges and the motives for the libels and slanders.

    The “presumption of innocence” does not exist in a world where facts don’t matter and where the kangaroo court’s SOPs (only applied to anyone with an “R” behind her/his name) are The Rules and Regulations of the Spanish Inquisition, not English Common Law and the US Constitution.

    The vilest worst culprits in this hateful coup d’état are the GOP House/Senate cowards and knaves (owned by lobbyist, special interests, the Chamber of Commerce, Goldman Sachs/Wall Street, etc.) who hate the very thought of a Senator Roy Moore almost even more than they hate the idea of President Donald J. Trump.

  7. Art,

    You downplay Obama’s NGO exploits. He had a lucrative career as a community organizer/racial racketeer running “civil rights” extortion schemes which gleaned millions from the useless idiots running (no presumption of innocence and rank cowardice) corporations.

    But, his crown jewel, so to speak, was his Obama/Citibank Litigation (one element of a nation-wide anti-redlining campaign); [See “The Daily Caller”, 9/3/2012, Neil Munro]. The “landmark”( BARF) 1995 court decision required Citibank to grant loans to 186 African-American, low-to-moderate income clients . After the 2007 bust, half of them went bankrupt and/or lost the homes to foreclosure. Today, (2012) only 19 remain in their homes. I bet they all voted for him.

    That was part if the Clintons’ regime expanding/putting CRA on steroids, which, along with Wall Street greed and regulatory cupidity, gave America the housing bubble, financial crisis, and great recession.

    PS: Most if the say $25 billion judicially extorted from big banks relative to the so-called foreclosure fraud/robo-signing crisis went, not to the six or eight harmed home mortgagors debtors, but to community groups and other left-wings advocacy racketeers to bankroll further tearing at America and our way of life.

  8. The most recent polls on the Moore / Jones race are curiously
    disparate: Emerson polling has Moore with a 10+ lead over Jones,
    55:45, but the JMC Analytics poll has Jones +4, with Moore 44 and
    Jones 48. Both polls were released this past Sunday.

    With such varied polling results, it’s difficult to say who has the lead
    in the race, and by what margin. However, what is indisputable is
    that Moore no longer enjoys the comfortable 22+ point lead he had
    over the Democrat just a month ago. Count on the Democrats to
    continue to pursue this campaign of allegations.

  9. I honestly don’t know what to think. Thank you for writing this article. If he’s innocent, my God what an evil smear campaign. If he’s guilty, he’s guilty, but no one should be condemned forever if a sin is repented.
    What I do find odd is all the Bush republicans and Obama democrats seem awfully anxious to condemn him without a trial. I don’t know if it’s sharks who smell blood in the water or rats. But I do know that I don’t particularly like sharks, and I certainly don’t like rats.

  10. What I do find odd is all the Bush republicans and Obama democrats seem awfully anxious to condemn him without a trial. I

    I don’t expect Democrats to be fair to anyone. That impulse dissipated in the Democratic Party 20+ years ago and the cultural rot goes all the way down (see the partisan Democrats on our Facebook feed). The Capitol Hill nexus in the Republican Party has reacted this way before, I suspect because they are fundamentally other-directed individuals and react to the people around them (e.g. reporters). That’s not the least bit prudent from any angle. Robert Stacy McCain’s assessment of the Capitol Hill nexus – that they are a donation collecting machine who fundamentally despise their own electorate – seems apt in circumstances like these.

  11. Looking at the inscription and what appears to be “Moore + the date + Olde Hickory House” in a different color ink the following occurred to me. Was there was someone else named “Roy” who originally signed the year book, then followed by the forged “Moore + date + Olde Hickory House” as a recent addition? Plus, it has been pointed out that Moore, as a West Point Graduate, would likely have written the date in military format as 22 Dec 1977.

  12. The “M” in Merry and the “M” in Moore don’t even look close. Not to mention the block writing in Olde Hickory and the numbered date look girlish. If you look at the “more” in the body vs. “Moore” in the signature, the “ore” portions are quite different. The “r” in “more” is sharp, whereas in Moore it is smoother. The “ore” in “more” is short and spread out; in “Moore” it is taller and closer spacing. It does not even look like a very good forgery (I did a better job faking my parents’ signatures on school notes). And different color ink. Really . . . .

  13. My first thought was “political hit piece”, but Moore is not saying the things I expect to hear from a falsely-accused man. And Moore’s a charismatic guy. He’s not slick but he knows how to talk. My opinion means nothing on this matter, but I’d rate the likelihood of this story being true a lot higher than I would have when it broke.

  14. This will not rest till the slanderers succeed in getting Roy Moore defeated by a pro-abort sodomy sanctifier. And as I said elsewhere, all the truly orthodix conservatives will get to feel all so self-righteous and good with themselves.

  15. I’m wondering if there’s an element of truth (x%) and a larger element of fabrication to make the truth element more shocking (y%) with y>>x. Here’s one other point: Moore did not tell the truth–the whole story–about not receiving a salary from the non-profit he headed.

  16. Element of truth: Moore dated 16-19 year old women.

    Raises my eyebrows, but he also got parental permission, and I trust parents to better know the situation 40 years ago more than I trust my eyebrow.

    Accusations: two oddly unsupported claims of sexual assault, one where WTF were her parents, and the other WTF were her boyfriend and parents doing that they didn’t notice the claimed physical results.

    The horrific thing is that I don’t think the ladies believe they are lying. Got too much experience with how memories can be “shaped” for that.

  17. *considers again*

    In high school, a classmate had several half-sisters.

    Her mother was 24 at the time of marriage; her father was in his late 50s. Third plus marriage for each.
    ….they’re still married. (Yes, he’s still alive, I’m not THAT old. NONE of the Moore accusations happened during my lifetime. I was, however, a toddler when he married his wife.)

    My grandfather was cruising around the country at 16. My grandmother had moved across the country (although with a first cousin…a younger cousin…probably more relations in town, but distant) at 16.

    There need to be safeguards on kids, yeah, but a 16 year old isn’t a 14 year old.

  18. In any case, it should be the voters of Alabama who make the call on these allegations, not the media or out of state politicians of any rank or variety. Why is the establishment trying so hard to take away the voters’ voice?

  19. Why is the establishment trying so hard to take away the voters’ voice?

    Again, see R.S. McCain: they despise those voters and their interaction with them is corn passing through a cow.

  20. I was having a discussion in a different forum and a question about gawking and shopping malls and Roy Moore occurred to me. Does it count any that when my wife and I went to shop at a mall in Portland, OR a few years ago during a business trip out on the left coast and she had me carry her shopping bag of lingerie from Victoria Secrets while she went into a different store, a he / she / it of questionable gender was gawking at me and followed me around for quite some time? I hope this has successfully lowered my standing in all your eyes for I want to be as famous as Roy Moore now is! I am trying desperately! 😉 😉 😉

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

  21. Lucius – Unless the two of you ended up back at it’s house throwing an impromptu fashion show for each other, you’re going to have to sink a lot further to play in this league.

  22. C’mon now. The dude’s pen ran out of ink while he was inscripting it, (in December), so he switched pens. And happened to also switch writing style. To a feminine style because he was feeling tired and asked a girl to just sign it for him. And write any date she wants. Oh, and he already knew what his future assistant’s initials would be.
    Could happen to anybody. Probably happens all the time.

  23. Then there’s Bill Clinton. Adulterer. He preyed upon women of all ages when he was Attorney General, Governor and 2 term President. Many substantiated instances were non consensual aka rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. Did anyone in the Democratic party request he drop out of a race or step down from public office, even after he was impeached n disbarred? No. The DNC did their best to destroy the women’s lives.

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