The Case of Judge Roy Moore and the Divorcee

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Some interesting facts came out yesterday in regard to Moore and his accuser of sexual assault Beverly Young Nelson.  Apparently Judge Moore, when he was a local trial judge, presided over Ms. Nelson’s divorce case in 1999, a factoid that Ms. Nelson did not mention in her tearjerker appearance with Gloria “no ambulance should go unchased” Allred.  Based on my experience of 35 years in the law mines that, alone, is enough to torpedo her accusation.  First, because if it were true her attorney would immediately have filed a motion for substitution of judge.  Second, because it gives her a motive to lie.  Judges rarely make friends when presiding over a divorce case, and they often make lifelong enemies from one of the participants who believe they got the raw end of the stick.  This was a simple fact to find out, and it says all you need to know about the lynch mob media that none of them bothered to even do a cursory investigation of Beverly Young Nelson.

Moore’s attorney, in the above video, also notes that Judge Moore’s signature on the divorce dismissal, had DA stamped after it, the initials of his then administrative assistant.  Here is his signature in that case:



Moore’s attorney also called for the year book to be placed in neutral hands to be examined by experts in handwriting and ink.  Here is the spluttering reaction of  Gloria “no ambulance should go unchased” Allred to all that.



Friends, on the question of whether Judge Moore ever assaulted anyone this is a railroad job pure and simple.  Did Moore seek dates with legal teenagers, yeah, I believe that.  Did he ever sexually assault anyone?  Not from the evidence I have thus far seen.

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  1. All lies. Imagine, if you will, a universe wherein five (or 85) women, who each day for the past 34 years wee frozen in agony and 24/7 crying their eyes out because Moore pursued sexual relationships when they were young. And, after many horrid years, in November 2017, the “switch goes off” and they (fierce feminism!) come forward to . . . what? . . . Obtain justice? And, cry in public.

    I’m old enough to remember when a member of democrat aristocracy got away with murder (no, it stopped him from getting his hereditary two-terms in the White House): young, vulnerable Mary Jo Kopeckne.

    Also, I’m old enough to remember when a certain, recent democrat (smartest woman on the Planet) presidential candidate ran a “war room” in the White House that, with total assistance from the Democrat propaganda apparatus, a.k.a. the fabulist media, specialized in calling “nuts and sluts” the women whom Slick Willie actually beat-up and raped.”

    In the twentieth/communist century, bolsheviks, Viet MInh, Viet Cong, whatever the national designation killed the political opponents; in Lenin’s case millions of so-called kulaks.

    In twenty-first American, the left fabricates the character-assassinations its political opponents.

  2. Totally with T. Shaw on this one.

    If you’ve ever read the book by Simon Sebag Montefiore, “Stalin: In the Court of the Red Tsar”, the classic Soviet procedure was to bring forth false witnesses, then more witnesses, then forged documents. Then more false witnesses.

    And then yet more fake witnesses: but always, always, always: repeat the lie. Repeat the lie, repeat the lie, repeat the lie. The Supreme Soviet could not be wrong, so any one who question them, was also a traitor. Repeat the lie.

    Another favorite technique of Beria and his predecessors was to always choose an alleged “crime” that was impossible to defend. The favorite in their era was homosexuality. Against Judge Moore, it is “pedopheeeeelia”.

    Works like a charm. Who wants to defend a pedophile? Certainly not Mitch McConnell or John McVain.

    By the way, in my opinion any book written by Simon Sebag Montefiore is outstanding. As a top-notch Russian history expert, he also has a clear and lucid writing style, so you’re reading something like a really good novel.

    But we all know fact is always stranger than fiction. Enter the Roy Moore case.

  3. I’m recalling one of John Aretekis escapades was a charge against Bp. Hubbard in Albany (that he had homosexual trysts with a schizophrenic man named Zalay), for which the evidence was a typewritten suicide note supposedly composed by the deceased in 1978, which his surviving brother had supposedly found in his effects when cleaning out their mother’s attic after her death. Aretekis went into a bombastic meltdown when an attorney the diocese had hired to do an internal investigation suggested the typescript be subject to forensic examination, demanding she appear at a public debate. I thought that was a tell.

    During the course of this, a man who identified himself as a one-time hustler ‘came forward’ claiming that Bp. Hubbard had been one of his customers in 1977-78. Ordinarily, I tend to think that if you met someone at night twice in 1977-78 in circumstances sadly mundane for you, that you’re not going to be able to reliably identify him from seeing him on the television 15 years later, as this fellow Bonnano claimed to be able to do. (Bp. Hubbard is not a man of distinquished appearance).

    And, ordinarily, I tend to doubt any randomly selected parishioner is a personal acquaintance of the Catholic bishop unless you can demonstrate that said parishioner attends the cathedral or was a member of a parish where said bishop had been posted as a curate or pastor. (Bp. Hubbard was actually promoted from the local parish clergy, so that was not impossible in that case). I’d tend to doubt it more given that the deceased had lived in western Massachusetts for several years ‘ere his death and had in the year before his death been an inmate of three different asylums.

    You know who thought, per a preponderance of the evidence, that this rather improbable series of tales was true? Well, one of the people loudly denouncing Roy Moore. Part of a pattern…

  4. Mostly men commenting on this blog. For shame on you. Moore has done the same thing to many underage girls. There is plenty of proof on this.
    Ask your daughters/wife/sisters….almost every women has very similar experiences!
    Moore was booted from a mall because he was hunting down young underage girls. Does your crazy right-wing ideology blind you to what is morally right?
    Women come out all the time and men like you never listen that is why it never stops.
    For once just don’t say anything or stop calling yourselves American Catholics. Call yourself the All White Men’s Club matches the comments on this blog today:(

  5. “Moore has done the same thing to many underage girls. There is plenty of proof on this.”

    No there is not Mf, and I know a thing about proof after several hundred trials, many of them in criminal cases.

  6. MF: You may be correct. One explanation. This blog is not haunted by liberals or people with university “degrees in Oppression Studies and Virtue Signaling Arts.” (hat tip to Kurt Shlichter)

  7. Mostly men commenting on this blog. For shame on you.

    If you fancy we’re all obligated to ask your permission ‘ere offering a viewpoint, the answer is (1) we’re not and (2) to suggest we are incorporates a certain amount of effrontery.

  8. @ M FERNADEZ:

    “All White Men’s Club matches the comments on this blog today.”

    What’s wrong with being a white man? I thought liberals were all for diversity and tolerance and inclusiveness.

    “Moore was booted from a mall because he was hunting down young underage girls. Does your crazy right-wing ideology blind you to what is morally right?”

    Then why do you liberals wallow in heat like mindless baboons, then abort the baby that your lust has so willingly created? Or let an innocent woman drown to death (Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopchne and a certain bridge over Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts come to mind)? Does your crazy left wing ideology blind you to what is morally right? Do you even have morals? Or are you only “evolved” apes exempt from the moral standards which you make applicable to everyone else?

    “Ask your daughters/wife/sisters….almost every women has very similar experiences!”

    When that happens, my wife has a rifle and the Filipino machete of death – God help the SOB because she won’t leave him standing to face me, for heaven only knows what she’ll grab first (likely the machete). And thankfully my 16 year old daughter and my US Navy sister (who served over in Iraq to defend your freedom to spout off nonsense) are trained in firearm use. There will be the addition of holes via high velocity heavy metal to the body of any sex pervert who tries anything with them. But I forgot; you liberals don’t like women to defend themselves.

    Ah, the cognitive dissonance of liberal progressive feminist Democrats masquerading as Catholics.

  9. Moore was booted from a mall because he was hunting down young underage girls. Does your crazy right-wing ideology blind you to what is morally right?

    Said the friend of a friend of a friend…

    Tell me, did he cause your cows to miscarry too?

    Shall we really start going over the history of the times in this country people have “listened and believed” without bothering to double check the evidence? Or is it just so important that we get those witches this time before they harm our children again?

  10. Said the friend of a friend of a friend…

    What’s amazing about the mall story is that the reporters and editors responsible thought it would fool anyone. Just locating someone who worked in a given retail establishment in 1980 would be a challenge. Then you have to find someone who knew who was on the security guards’ watch list. You had to know there was a watch list. The watch listers had to get the man’s name and write it down.

  11. It isn’t illegal or unethical to date a young woman who is at the age of consent. Many marriages are between men and women separated by many years. How have Americans become so dumbed down that they engage in this spurious argument?

  12. If “Ms.” Fernandez (sic) wants to have her socks knocked off on the Judge Moore case by my spouse, step daughter or daughter, please provide your phone number. They are not of the dame twusted mind as thee.

    And how dare you presume that we here are misogynists to fit your predictable sterotyping shame-narrative. As if you really cared about those children who are truly abused: they’re merely human shields for your Warren gruppe, pure pawns of the hate-filled.

    Now, Ms Fernadez on a count of 3: Repeat the lie, repeat the lie, repeat the lie.

  13. Ask your daughters/wife/sisters….almost every women has very similar experiences!

    Of seeing women lie, then try to pull the “I’m a woman, you MUST believe me because the accusation is so dire” trick?

    Or do you mean of some person attempting to draft us to their cause, based on our genetics, with the implication that there’s something wrong with us if we don’t agree?
    Yeah, that is a very common form of sexism. Usually committed by the folks who are declaring how they’re protecting us pooooor widdle wimmen-folks from nasty sexism.

  14. Rule of thumb: when someone shows up and assures you that they’re trying to save you from X, Y and Z horrible flaw, with the evidence for those flaws consisting of you not giving them what they want, they probably embody the names they’re calling you.

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