PopeWatch: Arms Race

It is always distressing to see how factually challenged the Pope tends to be.  For example:


Indeed, the escalation of the arms race continues unabated and the price of modernizing and developing weaponry, not only nuclear weapons, represents a considerable expense for nations. As a result, the real priorities facing our human family, such as the fight against poverty, the promotion of peace, the undertaking of educational, ecological and healthcare projects, and the development of human rights, are relegated to second place.


Go here to read the rest.  There is no arms race.  In the US the money spent on arms is dwarfed by social spending.  European nations spend next to nothing on their military compared to social spending.  As is often the case the Pope is shadow boxing with phantoms that exist only in his mind.

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  1. “As is often the case the Pope is shadow boxing with phantoms that exist only in his mind.“

    And gets KO’d in the process!

  2. A question for this Pope – if you are so much against nuclear weapons, then would you advocate down-blending weapons grade Pu-239 and U-235 in such weapons for use as fuel in pressurized and boiling water reactors, forever making the fuel unavailable for weapons purposes? Let me take a wild guess: NO!

    The Pope’s position on weapons has NOTHING to do with disarmament or peace, just as his position on global warming has nothing to do with preserving the environment, otherwise he would support nuclear (1) as a means of converting swords into plowshares and (2) as the only base-load power means of replacing carbon-emitting fossil fuel (instead of advocating useless worthless solar and wind). He is a sentimental old ignorant fool who must be deposed and anathematized.

  3. The Pope can take his own advice by disbanding the Swiss Guard and using the money saved on charitable works.

  4. I will only ask, if you admit in your speech that: “. . . achieve the utopia of a world free of deadly instruments of aggression . . . . Why are you even putting the idea forward? I have always believed that any utopian solution was contrary to Catholic teaching due to a perfect society not being possible due to man’s fallen nature. Am I mistaken somehow about a utopian society on earth and Catholic teaching?

  5. Instead of taking another shot at the United States for the “arms race” he should be offering thanks for all we did to end it. What is wrong with this man?? He boils over with hate causing his mind to malfunction.

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