Failure to Communicate

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  1. Women have more security issues? Men are insensitive? Both of them sound overly concerned about themselves. Why didn’t the guy just mention the motorcycle issue? Not an impressive couple.

  2. Try a new form of birth control.. one that does not take sex to have nothing to do with babies and no self control… one that does think of sex as having to do with babies and self control…
    Use a fertility awareness method like NFP and you’ll be communicating in no time, and appreciating your wife.

  3. That “some else” is himself, on a mini retreat.The man cannot share what he does not have. Yes, He ought to have asked you about himself, but sometimes that cannot happen. Patience. And yes, it hurts to be locked out. You both need to accept the fact that each person needs time to locate him/herself . Let go and let God. And it is hard to let go. God made him. God will take care of him. He belongs to God first, then to his spouse.

  4. When I have programming tasks to do and one is giving me problems I’ll frequently “space out” trying to solve the bug in my head or figure out what I haven’t tested yet.

    Not that I have a significant other, but sometimes my coworkers will comment when we’re at lunch.

  5. 0.o

    Clearly, my husband and I are insufficiently dramatic… he would’ve been talking about the motorcycle and I would’ve been a bit more insistent on the “you’re quiet, what’s up?” angle

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