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Al Franken, Minnesota’s unfunny prank on the nation, may well depart from the Senate today.  Franken first slinked into the Senate courtesy of a stolen election in 2008.  His tenure in the Senate has been marked by a fervent devotion to the Democrat left, interspersed with occasional clueless buffoonish asides.  To be fair, and it is hard for me with the loathsome Franken, in office he has not been much more buffoonish than the usual Senator.  I would like to say that 22 of his fellow Democrat Senators, realizing that the presence of Franken in the Senate adds a bit to the bad clown act that the contemporary Senate so often evokes, have called for his resignation in some small form of reparation, but alas that is not the case.  The reason is because Franken likes to grope the hind ends of women, and prior to being in the Senate often acted like a buffoonish, groping clown around women.

As to his churlish behavior with women prior to being elected to the Senate, that was no secret for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  As to his behavior after the election, the women involved were so damaged by his handiwork that they said not a peep, until we entered our current Salem Witch Hunt hysteria in which alleged male gropers are to be swiftly cast out into the outer darkness to wail and gnash their teeth.  Thus Franken is persona non grata now to the same people who had hitherto lauded him as an ornament to the Senate, and who have usually spent their political careers supporting and defending Bill Clinton, who did far worse than grasp the occasional part of a woman’s posterior, and his Enabler-in-Chief Hillary.  Thus this has absolutely zero to do with morality, and everything to do with politics.

If I were Franken I would announce that I was going to resign, but not before August of 2018.  I would also then announce my candidacy for the Senate in the special election that would be held in November of next year, and that the people of Minnesota could then judge if they would want me in the Senate.  I would then advise that I was currently writing a list, and checking it twice, detailing the misdeeds of every member of the Senate and the House with the opposite sex that I was personally  aware of, and would be releasing it as a Christmas present for the nation.  I guarantee that when he released the list Franken would draw a far larger audience than he ever did at SNL.




In a sad speech Franken says he will resign in a few weeks:


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  1. Franken doesn’t have the smarts to do as you suggest. He should have never been in the Senate in the first place. No matter, Minnesota will appoint a regressive whose politics are as inane as that of Franken.

  2. Franken’s not a sympathetic figure, but I’ll wager the complaints against him are 80% humbug.
    I doubt Franken (Harvard ’73) is lacking in general intelligence. He’s also had the sense to stay married and not drink himself to death, something his business partner Tom Davis could not manage. However, his whole approach to public life is wrong. Comedy is comedy and public life is public life. In public life, you cannot be a comedian all the time. The trouble is, many comedians are rather unpleasant people when they’re not on stage. (David Letterman and Johnny Carson to name two).

  3. minnesota is a hellacious place,,,,,a commie colony of a state for wrong doers and worse,,,,,FRANKENKEILLOR WAS INVENTED THERE…VISIT BLACK COP SHOOTS WHITE WOMAN IN MINNEAPOLIS,,,,,MINNESOTA IS WORSE THAN CHICAGO…..check out the latest keillor jazz on google,,,,i knew it was not just one goofy incident,,,,BUT KEILLOR’S SMUG SANCTIMONIOUS LIBERAL BENT EXPLODED WHEN DOOPAH BUSH TOOK OFFICE IN 2001,,,show got less funny with MORE SINGING FROM KEILLOR,,,,OY VAY.

  4. A champion for women and their “reproductive health.”

    A victim of self deception.

    So be it.
    May more babies be saved from the likes of Al Franken.

  5. All politicians from Congress retire with full pay for the rest of their lives and $250,000.00 every year for their wives. Our tax dollars at work. Franken does not have the wherewithall to be embarrassed or ashamed.

  6. A few questions: Isn’t there the equivalent of a BCD for these congressional losers? I’m talking about proven charges, not innuendo.
    What’s with Sen Kaine? He’s styling himself as the Conscience of the Senate. What’s he think he’s going to get out of it? Enemies more than friends my guess. Perhaps distancing himself from Hillary for a 2020 POTUS run?
    Lasting how come the Dems suddenly seem to have propriety in the witch hunt.
    Losing a few members in order to take down Trump? Or is this to distract from something far worse?

  7. All politicians from Congress retire with full pay for the rest of their lives and $250,000.00 every year for their wives.

    Mary, base pay for members of Congress is currently $174,000 per year, so no, congressional spouses are not receiving $250,000 while they serve or after they retire.

    There are minimum service requirements for them to be vested for a pension,. (Federal pensions were recalibrated in 1984 to be closer to actuarially sound). Also, to receive any sort of pension on retirement, you have to have reached a certain minimum age (a minimum which varies according to your years of service). If you depart Congress before you’ve reached the minimum age, you have to wait for your pension.

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