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Yeah,  I’m tired of it, too– especially the way that stuff is getting mixed, with the news declaring that the judge denies having dated/assaulted under-age girls, and then cites gals who were not under-aged under law now or then and who only say they dated as evidence he’s lying.

That said, about a month ago Donald had an article with offered evidence from one of the two accusers.  Several of us detected something…off… about the signature.

Today, the woman admitted she “added” at least part of it.

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  1. Huh, somehow I missed that the other accusation has been rendered rather improbable, too:

    That would be the first 14 year old, whose accusation was only 38 years old; not mentioned was that there were only 12 days for two meetings to be arranged and happen, as well as that the intersection they supposedly met at isn’t near the mother’s house at all, or the whole issue of “hey an adult man just called for my teen daughter, nothing odd about that.”

  2. Less than a week ago one of the women was rummaging around her attic and “discovered” a card with his signature. Again nothing incriminating written on it, but obviously proof of…This entire episode has been truly pathetic and I didn’t start out having a very high opinion of Moore. I’ll wager Moore wins rather easily next week and these women slither back beneath the rocks from whence they came.

  3. Ken, i have birthday and christmas cards sent to me by my representatives and I’ve never actually met them in person.

    Some things are just regular politics.

  4. Heh, we got one from our *realtor.*

    I thought the idea of the Christmas card was some sort of “see it’s his signature” thing, or was there more than one example?

    Probably became more common as printers that can do a decent signature got big, but it’s a rather common marketing strategy, no matter if you’re selling houses or politics.

  5. An attempt to have an altered document like this admitted into evidence would be rejected out of hand by a Court. If an attempt were made to pretend an altered document was not altered, which is clearly what happened until this last minute confession, the party doing this would be subject to sanctions, and their attorney could be facing suspension or disbarment if they knew the document was altered and did not reveal that fact to the Court. What did Gloria Allred know and when did she know it?

  6. Mitch McConnell created this mess. He adamantly oppose the Tea-Party candidate for the Senate, which led to Moore’s bringing the runner up in the first primary. Moore won the run-off because he has a hard core of supporters. He lost, though, because he is such an Odd-duck and came off poorly as he tried to defend himself.

  7. Mitch McConnell created this mess.

    As far as I can tell, Mitch McConnell has one or two skills and fails at everything else. You’d think the Republican Senate caucus would have the sense to replace him, bar that perhaps they’re all as mediocre as he is.

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