Get ’em Trey

Congressman Trey Gowdy points out that the FBI and the Mueller investigation seem to be arms of the DNC:




Foxes guarding chicken coops would be doing a superior job compared to our allegedly non-partisan FBI and Mueller investigation.

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  1. Gowdy’s fiery exchange today with sock- puppet Rod Rosenstein may be what’s needed to catalyze the closing down of this ridiculous Mueller investigation.

    Gowdy, a tough-as-nails former criminal prosecutor who successfully prosecuted at least a half-dozen death penalty cases including that of an FBI Most Wanted suspect, Mark Allen, was relentless in making Rosenstein look like a point-man flak-catching co-member of the cover-up and anti-Trump conspiracy.

  2. Trump should fire Mueller after enough incriminating information becomes available about the investigation. Or he could at least fire Mueller and appoint unbiased one.

  3. Trump should fire Mueller

    Trump seems to be just handing them rope to hang themselves. Andrew McCarthy’s take on this is that Mueller has closed the books on the ‘collusion’ probe and is now trying to build a case against the Trumps for objstruction as fodder for impeachment proceedings, IOW the prosecutor is running errands for The Resistance and their auxilliaries in Congress. The precedent for this was the John Doe investigations in Wisconsin (which were defeated in large measure because there was a critical mass of gatekeepers in the Wisconsin judiciary who were not going to be conscripted into a lawfare operation run for the public employee unions by Democrats in the bar. (N.B. the abusive prosecutor in that case is married to a teachers’ union official).

    Mueller, Comey, and Rosenstein have had similar career paths. Seeing Rosenstein’s recent defense of Mueller’s bizarre hiring practices, I’ve little doubt all three are paladins of a certain legal establishment and are dedicated to the defense of that establishment’s prerogatives. (Sessions and Gowdy are from a more vernacular and less pretension fraction of the bar). Restoring the integrity of American institutions is going to have to incorporate breaking that legal establishment on the wheel.

  4. Restoring the integrity of American institutions is going to have to incorporate breaking that legal establishment on the wheel.

    Alternatively, tar, feathers, rails, ropes and lampposts.

  5. I am convinced that during his tenure as President, Obama did everything in his power to fill the FBI with rabid Democrats. He treated the FBI as his personal secret police just as Soviet Premiers treated the KGB as their secret police. There is NO substantive difference between how Democrats want to control law enforcement in the US and how Communists did control law enforcement in the old USSR. The only thing that can fix the FBI (and CIA and all the rest) is a complete purging of all Democrats. They are an infestation and infection that must be eradicated from the body politic (I don’t mean killed; I mean removed from power).

    BTW, it’s the same way in the NRC. Obama stacked that agency with anti-nukes so much so that just today Chairwoman Kristine Svinicke said that it would require much much more money to license new advanced passively safe reactors because of regulatory strangulation.

    Democrats are lying, slandering, baby murdering, sodomy sanctifying reprobates of unmitigated evil. Republicans are often their hypocritical enablers, from whom Trey Gowdy is a most fortunate exception.

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