Clinton E-mails Investigation: The Fix Was Always In

Further evidence that the investigation that the FBI conducted of the Clinton e-mails was a bad farce from beginning to end:


We learned last month that an early draft of Comey’s statement on the Clinton email investigation concluded she was “grossly negligent” in her handling of classified information. Then, earlier this month, we learned that the person who edited the draft to remove that legally significant language was Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok. Today, Fox News reports it has obtained an early draft of the memo which confirms the language was changed at least twice. But there were also other changes made to the document which, you’ll be shocked to learn, benefitted Hillary Clinton:

The original statement said it was “reasonably likely” that “hostile actors” gained access to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email account. That was changed later to say the scenario was merely “possible.”

Another edit showed language was changed to describe the actions of Clinton and her colleagues as “extremely careless” as opposed to “grossly negligent.” This is a key legal distinction…

The edits also showed that references to specific potential violations of statutes on “gross negligence” of classified information and “misdemeanor handling” were removed.

The final statement also removed a reference to the “sheer volume” of classified information discussed on email.

Sen. Ron Johnson, who released the draft today, said in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray that the original draft “could be read as a finding of criminality in Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified material.” In the same letter Johnson wrote there were, “repeated edits to reduce Secretary Clinton’s culpability in mishandling classified information.”


Go here to read the rest.  For my sins I have drafted a myriad of legal documents over the past 35 years.  With legal draftsmanship you first start with the conclusion you wish to reach and you continue to polish the language in the document until the fore-ordained conclusion is reached.  Former FBI Director Comey did the first draft of this document prior to interviewing Hillary Clinton or the other major players of the e-mail scandal.  The fix was always in as to this investigation, a fix engineered by Comey and his merry band of “non-partisan” FBI agents.  What boundless and barely concealed contempt Comey, and the other higher ups of the FBI, must possess  for the American people they purportedly serve.

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  1. Either Jeff Sessions pursues this, or he must go. We are a nation of laws, not men, or women. I pray Hitlery’s worst day on earth was not the day she lost the election, but the day she reports to federal prison. Justice cannot be dead.

  2. On our Facebook feed, we get regular blurts from a pair of partisan Democrats in our circle of friends. (The husband attended the pussyhat nonsense in Washington earlier this year and posted a photograph of himself with his face contorted with rage. What’s curious about that is that he generally has almost no affect at all). One thing we learn from their daily blurt is that the fiction maintained among partisan Democrats is that the Obama Administration was ‘scandal-free’. Half of them respond to this sort of thing by categorizing it as a hoax cooked up by “Faux News”, the Koch brothers, Limbaugh, &c. The others pretend it isn’t a scandal because Comey and Mueller are ‘Republicans’ (something that, re Mueller, I don’t think you can substantiate when you rummage through voter rolls). Others fancy it’s not a scandal because misbehavior by Democrats is by definition not a scandal. Over a period of more than 60 years, those in the Democratic Party have had an escalating disregard for procedural norms which regulate competition between disparate interests and ideologies. Everything is understood as a tool for them to get what they want. Eventually this may bite them on the ass (and they’ll whine bitterly when it does). Our real problem in this country is that the motivated core of half the political spectrum has thought processes like those of nasty little kids.

  3. Hillary should have her “choice.”
    No prospect of parole and minimum of 40 years in prison.
    Or death by hanging.

    Traitors earn this!
    Be damned the minions who collaborated with the scummy Hillary Clinton.
    Be damned!

  4. Judicial Watch recently uncovered documents showing that “the
    Obama State Department had a deal with Hillary Clinton to hide her calls
    logs and schedules, which would be contrary to (the Freedom of
    Information Act) and other laws.”

    The records Judicial Watch discovered show that not only was Hillary
    cleared to remove certain records, but that Huma Abedin was allowed
    to take five boxes of ‘physical files’ out of the State Department that
    include records described as “Muslim Engagement Documents”.

    Discussion of Hillary’s off-the-books email server always seem to
    focus on whether or not classified information was compromised.
    (It was, of course). But the media always seems to miss the blindingly
    obvious fact that a government official at Hillary’s level conducting
    any government business that way makes a mockery of
    transparency and violates the Freedom of Information Act. We may
    never know the whole story about just what Hillary was doing on
    that email server and who else was privy to that information, and
    now we have documentation of the Obama administration letting
    Hillary keep certain documents secret and remove others. It does
    appear that the fix was indeed always in.

  5. Do you seriously think Comey would’ve been allowed to forward a suggestion of legal action against Clinton?

    Best case, if he’d suggested legal action:
    they wait for the next busy day and quietly announce they won’t be doing anything, because their investigation didn’t support the “suggested” stuff from the FBI.
    Worst case: they take it and deliberately spike the case, so nothing can happen, and use that to get political mojo to remove even more of those who might resist them in any way.

  6. Collusion: “An agreement between two or more people to defraud a person of his or her rights or to obtain something that is prohibited by law.” “And now we have documentation of the Obama administration letting
    Hillary keep certain documents secret and remove others.” That seems a clear example of collusion. Is it not ironic that the premise for Mueller’s investigation is embodied in the word collusion?

  7. Time to clean house at Justice and the FBI. Lawbreakers, no matter how high level should be tried and if found guilty, punished. It’s as simple as that.
    This is playing out a la Saul Alinsky:
    Roman Catholic Church
    Intelligence agencies
    Once highly respected institutions.

  8. Donald, since you point out that you have been drafting legal documents for “the past 35 years” I would not have expected to read such a poorly drafted sentence as your concluding one. I used to tell my pupils – I taught High School Chemistry and Biology as well as non-specialist RE – to read aloud back to themselves what they had written. If it sounded daft to them, it was bound to seem daft to me. I reer, of course, to your repetition of “for the American people”.

  9. PS: an apology. I am using my new phone and do not know how to correct spelling mistakes you haven’t noticed until after you have clicked to send. For “reer” please read “refer”.

  10. Hugh.
    When it comes to grammatical errors..well, more red ink is needed in my case.

    I’ve found this advice helpful; ” to read aloud back to themselves what they had written,” before sending a text.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. “I reer, of course, to your repetition of “for the American people”.”

    Correction made Hugh. I normally do my writing between four and five in the morning before I go off each day to the law mines for my up to twelve hour stint. Sometimes there is not enough time to catch all errors, even with my bride often proofreading. Oh, and I normally do read back to myself what I have written, when I have the time.

  12. “What boundless and barely concealed contempt Comey, and the other higher ups of the FBI, must possess for the American people they purportedly serve.”
    On the contrary, they think it’s their noble duty to save the country from Trump. They’d do whatever it takes. If Russiagate fails, there’s always Hilterization of Trump. If that fails, it’ll be sexgate. The end justifies the means. That’s the insurance Stzrok was talking about. We be heroes. Save the country from Trump!
    Comey and the FBI higher-ups are so deluded in their worship of Hillary, they’ve lost all morals and shame.

  13. Philip wrote “Hillary…..has a lover?”
    You misread the story. The 2 FBI officials were lovers, and apparently used the investigations as a cover for their time spent together.
    We can be sure that if Hilary had an affair there would be nothing “romantic” about it.

  14. TomD.

    Fine line between humility and humiliation.

    I was at work and hastily read the blurb.
    Bad excuse however. Have a great Sunday.

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