Hipster Nativity?

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  1. Apparently, hipsters don’t see Christmas as the celebration/commemoration of the birth/Incarnation of our Savior.

    The Nativity: pray for the love of God. Meditate on the poverty so lovingly accepted by the Blessed Virgin Mary when she placed the infant Jesus, our God and Redeemer, in a manger in the stable of Bethlehem.

  2. As jarring as this one is (and yet on point) it is not nearly as bad in taste (to say the least) of the homo-erotic nativity in the Vatican this year.

  3. All the emptiness and self absorbed, narcissistic ugliness of modern society glorified by the church – and they wonder why they are irrelevant.

  4. “Each culture and each time assimilates the story of the birth of Christ to itself,” says Monsignor John Myler, rector of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Belleville.


    The hipster Nativity captures the realistic (c) atholic of our time. Self absorbed consumer oriented and void of the Sacred. Coffee and all.
    This Nativity may as well been set up by the so-called artist who brought us P_ _ _ Christ.

    If hipster Nativity was to invoke today’s cafeteria catholicism they should of planted a pink planned parenthood cap on the woman.
    Maybe two homosexuals making out near the manger…..but no worries Monsignor, there’s always next year.

  5. *looks over at their Nativity scene*
    We’ve only got two wise men left, and the Stable is oddly situated right next to four gramcracker “gingerbread houses,” and for some reason there are two lego elves on dragons and a Japanese door guardian, but it’s very focused on Himself.


    Honestly, though, I can’t imagine a Hipster having that Nativity– which means it just tells you about the folks who made it, which makes it a rather nasty sort of drafting Christmas to be, at best, lacking in charity.

  6. Witty social commentary on our self absorption in one image a picture is worth a thousand words, we’re not far from atheistic consumerism proceed with caution fear and trembling work out your salvation

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