The Plot to Overthrow Christmas

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How wonderfully daffy the golden age of Radio tended to be.  A broadcast on December 19, 1944 of the show This Is My Best:  Norman Corwin’s comedic poem The Plot to Overthrow Christmas, a hilarious look at a plot by Hell to stop Christmas, with Orson Welles starring as Nero.  Amazing the entertainment heights that could be reached without car chases, explosions, profanity, bathroom jokes and sex.




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  1. Thank you. Old radio is entertaining, especially on a car trip. Good exercise for the imagination and fun to recognize the voices of film and TV actors/actresses.
    WAMU 88.5 Sundays at 7pm. On the 24th host Murray Horwitz guides you through Christmas-themed episodes of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; Duffy’s Tavern; and more. Plus, you’ll hear Christmas Sing with Bing from 1961ndays at 7pm.

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