Chappaquiddick the Movie

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Don’t get your hopes up, but based upon this trailer it may be possible that some posthumous justice will be served to the “Lion of the Senate”:



I recall a case I had when I was engaged in verbal jousting with a fellow attorney before a Judge.  My adversary was very able.  After he was done the Judge applauded his efforts, indicated that it was always  a pleasure to hear spirited advocacy, but that there was only so much perfume that could be placed on this particular set of bad facts.  It is difficult to give a positive slant on leaving a young woman, who might easily have been saved, to die a terrifying death by suffocation in the dark.  We shall see.

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  1. Unless my memory is failing me, the district attorney in Barnstable County, Massachusetts admitted 20 years after the fact that various parties in Mass politics leaned on him not to secure an indictment for vehicular manslaughter, and he caved. Kennedy was still treated with kid gloves by other members of Congress and the chattering classes. Adam Clymer in his biography of Kennedy included an egregious passage about how many people Kennedy had helped blah blah and how they would not remember Mary Jo Kopechne. (Re the Kennedys, we’re fortunate that most of the 3d generation are inconsequential, benign, or both inconsequential and benign. Among the more capable, the one problem character is William K. Smith, and all a woman needs is mace or pepper spray to keep him at bay).

  2. Apparently excrement rolls off the Kennedys as grease rolls off teflon. Just like the Clintons. They are both alike.

    I had to look up Art Deco’s reference to William K. Smith on Wikipedia. Astonishing! How do these godless perverted Democrats get away with this and republican Roy Moore gets bazooka’d by unproven, unsubstantiated allegations of questionable origin?

    1991 sexual assault charge

    In 1991, Smith was tried and acquitted on a charge of rape, represented by Miami-based criminal defense attorney Roy Black in a trial that attracted extensive media coverage.

    The incident began on the evening of Good Friday, March 29, 1991, when Smith, then 30 years old, was in a bar (named Au Bar) in Palm Beach, Florida, with his uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy, and his cousin Patrick J. Kennedy. Smith met Patricia Bowman, a 29-year-old woman and another young woman at the bar. The five then went to a nearby house owned by the Kennedy family. Smith and the 29-year-old woman walked along the beach. The woman alleged that Smith raped her; Smith testified that they had consensual sex. Although three women were willing to testify that Smith had sexually assaulted them in incidents in the 1980s that were not reported to the police, their testimony was excluded. Smith was acquitted of all charges.

    2004 civil action

    In 2004, a former employee of the Center for International Rehabilitation alleged that Smith had sexually assaulted her in 1999, and brought a civil action against him. Smith denied her charges, calling them “outrageous” and saying that “family and personal history have made me unusually vulnerable to these kinds of charges” and resigned from the CIR. On January 5, 2005, the court dismissed the employee’s lawsuit.

    Later in 2005, Smith settled with another employee who accused him of sexual harassment.

  3. A few months after Chappaquiddick I met my parents and maternal grandmother in Massachusetts. We went over to Chappaquiddick. My dad set the scene for Nana (who was not fan of the Kennedys) by driving past the “party house”. My dad drove over the bridge twice. “Well what do you think, Marie?” She replied, “He’s guilty!.”
    I’m wondering if there will be any allusion to paying off Mary Jo’s parents? I don’t believe there was an autopsy. It will be interesting to read the reviews.

  4. Supposedly Bill Clinton styled himself after JFK. Turns out Bill was more like brother Teddy. Two users, cowardly men.

  5. The rock group Cream has a song titled “Politician” that fits in with this topic. The main lyrics are as follows:
    Hey now baby, get into my big black car
    Hey now baby, get into my big black car
    I wanna just show you what my politics are.
    I’m a political man and I practice what I preach
    I’m a political man and I practice what I preach
    So don’t deny me baby, not while you’re in my reach.
    I support the left, tho’ I’m leanin’, leanin’ to the right
    I support the left, tho’ I’m leanin’ to the right
    But I’m just not there when it’s coming to a fight.
    Hey now baby, get into my big black car
    Hey now baby, get into my big black car
    I wanna just show you what my politics are.
    Sounds very much like Bill Clinton.

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