The Many Deaths of Sean Bean

Video advisory for graphic Sean Bean death scenes:



He seems to die whenever he does not have his Chosen Men around him:


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  1. He did survive in “the Martian”! (which also holds my current choice for funniest meta joke ever)

    Uh. Spoiler.

  2. Indeed Mike. Bean gives a taste of the gutter, like James Cagney, combined with a dauntless spirit, also like Cagney. A perfect combination to play the up from the ranks Richard Sharpe:

    Gibbons: Major Hogan! I have been struck, by a common soldier! I believe the penalty for striking an officer is death.
    Hogan: Death is certainly the penalty for striking that officer, sir. That was Sharpe of the 95th.
    Gibbons: What, the ragamuffin that jumped from the ranks? By God, sir, I’ll teach him to touch a gentleman. I’ll call him out, sir. I’ll see him at dawn.
    Berry: I’ll second you, old boy.
    Hogan: A duel? Oh, give me your hand, sir! You’ve a brave fellow, Gibbons. Sharpe’s a killer. Killed three French cavalrymen and saved Wellesley’s life. Three seconds, slash, cut, thrust. And that’s while he was still a Sergeant. Shall we say six o’clock tomorrow morning in the field behind the camp?[Gibbons swallows, obviously terrified.]
    Hogan: Or shall we say it was damned dark, and you made a damn bad mistake?
    Gibbons: Silly mistake. Say no more about it, eh?
    Hogan: Good thinking, Gibbons. Sharpe would’ve shot out your left eye at a minute past six, and you would’ve spent all day tomorrow looking up at nothing with the other.

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