Reading the Riot Act to the UN

Ambassador Nikki Haley tells the UN that the US is getting tired of the ridiculous farce that the UN has become.  Such truth telling is rare in the Palace of Mendacity that the UN has become.  Bravo!  One of the most inspired appointments by President Trump.





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  1. In the words of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, “the UN began
    as a moral force, and has become a moral farce“.

    It’s not a surprise to see a lot of those nations vote against our
    decision, but it does shock and sadden me to see the UK align
    itself with that company. I had thought better of them. Past
    tense intended.

  2. Bravo for Nikki Haley. A pox on the UK and France and all the rest who voted against us. Let them pick up the UK’s tab. I say tow liberal decadent NYC with those UK bldgs out to the mid North Atlantic and let them rot together or sink together, which the North Atlantic decides.

  3. Bravo Nikki Haley – and Pres. Trump for appointing her – what a staunch woman. Totally agree with what she has to say, and I sincerely hope that the USA sticks to what she said – that the USA will give the middle finger salute to any country that voted against the US when they come crawling for handouts – including my own country, whose current government I despise. In addition, I really would like the USA to cease it’s contributions and withdraw from the UN, which is now a socialist infested dump, whose members are not elected, but chosen by the other socialist bludgers to maintain their grip on ‘Other People’s Money’.

  4. Amen to all here. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d bet the U N would wither and die in a matter of months, perhaps a year or two at most, without US taxpayers funding it. Let it die, then. Bolshevik Bill DeBlasio can find jobs for all those bureaucrats in his bloated administration.

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