Where Angels Fear to Tread



Time for my annual attempt to gaze into a crystal ball and give predictions for the forthcoming year:




  1.  Defying current polls the Republicans will hold onto the House and gain five seats in the Senate.
  2.  The sex abuse scandal will claim the scalps of at least 3 more Senators and 10 members of the House.
  3.   Pope Francis will have a health crisis.
  4.   There will be an announcement by the Federal government regarding extraterrestrial life.
  5.   A major terrorist attack involving poison gas will occur in Europe.
  6.   Jeff Sessions will be fired as Attorney General.
  7.   The anti-Trump movement will grow increasingly hysterical as election day approaches next November.
  8.   Mark Shea will issue at least three mea culpas.
  9.   Economic growth will hit five percent in the third quarter of next year.
  10.   McClarey will be wrong on some of his predictions.


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  1. Number 4 will be interesting. God loves life because God is supreme life. God loves intelligence because God is supreme intelligence. So finding life – even intelligent life – elsewhere in the universe should not dismay us Catholics. It is simply confirmation of who and what God is. I just hope, however, that such life stays well away from us. We have a bad track record wherever we go.

  2. I don’t think there is a chance in heck of #1 holding true … I hope you are right, but I am not at all confident of that one … it’s more about limiting the damage I fear.

  3. Hillary Clinton might have won the presidency if she, Clinton had not aborted 60,000,000 of her voters. I am chilled to the bone that Clinton and the Democrats can approve the slaughter and dismemberment of 60,000,000 sovereign persons who, in body and soul, have free will to survive and intellect to guide them to their destiny. It is evident that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have contempt for God and Country.
    Perhaps if the Democrats stop aborting their supporters, there may be a snowball’s chance in hell that Donald McClarey’s first prediction may not come to pass.

  4. I hope #1 holds, and I have doubts about #4. And you have to be right on #10. If #’s 1-9 are true, then #10 has to be wrong and therefore your prediction is true (recall the Cretan Liar Paradox). If any one of #’s 1-9 don’t hold, then #10 has to be true….

  5. Pope Francis will be Pope Francis.

    I’m mad as [explicative deleted].

    Two of three sons graduated from a Jesuit hell hole, Fordham University. We receive periodic, alumni magazines. Also, I knew a few now-old Rams. yesterday, I thumbed through the “Alumni Notes.” To my chagrin, a female alum of the early 1970’s was cited for having published a book something to the effect that, “Pro-Choice Is Pro-life.”

    God Help Us.

  6. “Pro-Choice Is Pro-life.”

    *sigh* I’m guessing it’s not in the context of poitning out that by killing the child, you prevent him ever having ANY choice in the situation that you chose to put him in….

  7. Re #4 Astronaut Gordon Cooper stated that while flying a jet with his Air Force squadron over Germany he and other pilots saw hundreds of saucer shaped aircraft who flew in formation; that he believed extraterrestrials had visited Earth; and saw no conflict between their existence and belief in God.

  8. your # 3 makes me wonder how a crisis in health might encourage the pope that he could follow precedent and resign. And what we would do with 2 emeriti.

  9. Number one will happen. The Democrats must defend numerous Senate seats while opposing the tax cut and opposing the Obumblercare repeal. Current polls mean nothing.

  10. Forgot to mention….the Evil Party is deviod of significant candidates and is almost broke and in debt. Ignore the polls and the Lame Stream Media.

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