“Could Not Come To An Agreement”

If your local Catholic radio is now branded as Relevant Radio, you may be aware that Catholic Answers Live will not be carried after the first of the year.

Various news reports said they “could not come to an agreement.”

Turns out that is true…because Relevant Radio, which is west coast only (and not all of the west coast Catholic stations, thankfully), wanted exclusive rights to broadcast, and exclusive branding rights.

“Hey, you guys who actually have a functioning magazine, whose website is literally catholic dot com, drop a minimum of two thirds of your stations, leave satellite radio, and turn everything you’ve got over to us.  Or we won’t carry your show.”

Catholic Answers is being a lot nicer about this than they probably should, but they do at least give the whole story without any dancing around*; I do wonder whose brilliant idea it was to offer such an obviously designed to not be accepted offer in this day and age.  Good on Catholic Answers for remembering their calling.

* You know you’ve seen that, where there’s been a “misunderstanding” and one side wants to spin it as no big deal– and the other goes along and helps them manipulate people, because otherwise it “looks bad” or something.  Leaving this at “could not come to an agreement” is a flat falsehood, because it gives the impression of two reasonable sides just not managing to come together.

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  1. Indeed, good on CA for not falling into that obvious trap. They certainly have their issues with papolatry and blind loyalty to V-II, but they are solid on doctrine in most respects, and a great resource for apologetics. They have to be wary these days given their location in a diocese now run by one of the most extreme Modernists in the whole Church. Pray for them.

  2. So sad really. All I listen to is Catholic radio. And we wonder why nation’s and families can’t work together when this, and a whole lot of other back room shenanigans is permeating the bowels of the faith.

  3. In this case, I would guess they hired a “real” radio guy, who is trying to run it like a “real” radio station group, rather than an apologetics group.

    Glad they didn’t take it, because our radio station is an independent one, and that’s about the only good show they’ve got.

  4. Relevant Radio has been gone from this area for more than a decade. It used to be on a low power AM station in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, but it’s been gone for so long I don’t remember when it went off the air. I thought they were based in Green Bay.

  5. Christ calls us into unity as one Church, One Body of Christ. Could you imagine if just our Catholic organizations worked like one body, without ego or motive other than serving? Sad.

  6. Oddly, their “national’ headquarters is in Green Bay– their “regional” is in Loomis, CA.
    Looks like they’ve got a dozen stations near Michigan, three up near DC, two in Florida, one in Texas, a cluster in New Mexico, then the Left coast. Maybe fifty RR stations, less than 75 associated; the station we use to live next to is an “associated” one. Not sure how long that will last, Catholic Answers is one of their more popular shows….

    Hm. They’re listed as an associate station, BUT their scheduled is the same as it has always been.

  7. There is a Catholic radio station in the Pittsburgh area, but it doesn’t carry any programming from Catholic Answers, EWTN or Relevant Radio. Nor does it have any call in shows, local or otherwise.

  8. Catholic Answers is alive and well on EWTN.com, facebook, and youtube. I suspect Relevant Radio lusted after the catholic.com url. That’s why CA wouldn’t budge.

  9. They’re also still on even stations that Relevant Radio’s website claims as “affiliated”, just not on the Relevant Radio branded stations. And, of course, on totally unaffiliated and EWTN affiliated stations.

    Thank goodness.

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