Fifteen Below Zero




Well, the new year has dawned in Central Illinois with the temperature a balmy fifteen degrees below zero.  For those in Celsius lands, that is about negative 26 Celsius.  The temperature here is thirteen degrees colder than the South Pole and only seven degrees warmer than the North Pole.

It reminds me of a story about Abraham Lincoln, before he could afford a horse, trudging down a frozen country road toward a county seat in Central Illinois.  A man with a wagon passed by, and Lincoln asked him if he could take his coat to the county seat.  Sure, the man replied, but how will you get it back?  Easily, Lincoln responded, since I will be in it!

Keep warm my friends, and have a Happy New Year!

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  1. “Since I will be in it.” cold temperatures plus two feet of fresh snow in our neck of the woods.
    Our 485 foot long drive way, which was plowed out five days ago, is completely drifted in. Last nights hike to the top to retrieve the snowmobile and tie on a toboggan in order to rescue Mrs Nachazel and the groceries was fun for one of us. And it’s only just begun! Temp. A balmy 10° compared to the central of Illinois. A very happy and healthy New Year to you and all who call TAC an island in the Sun…. correction. SON.

  2. David, didn’t you know? It’s no longer global warming but “climate change.” Left non-scientists can produce an argument to blame any temperature variation, any time, any place, on the works of mankind, including metabolism of unwanted humans.

  3. Here where I am in Canada, yesterday morning it felt close to -45 C, which is about -49 F. Of course, that was the day the heating in the parish went wonky, so it was interesting attending Mass when the indoor temperature was barely above freezing.

  4. Supposed to be below freezing here tonight– which makes me feel really odd, typing it, but nothing here is made to deal with freezing. There are houses with the piping completely exposed!

  5. Well – good luck to you and family Don – you can keep your balmy -26C. Down here on the fringes of civilization in the South West Pacific, yesterday (Our New Year’s day) was a genuine balmy 26 C plus – not negative. A bit cooler today and cloudy with the odd shower – a great day for tending the garden, watching the lettuces, tomatoes,capsicums,pumpkin, butter nuts, zucchinis,parsley,chives,oregano,rosemary,cucumbers – all flourishing, along with the lemons. limes and blueberries. You kone that ‘the answer lies in the soil’ – (putting on a Yorkshire accent) 🙂

  6. So why aren’t you freezing too, Foxfier? In what State do you live so that you can’t enjoy being snowed in like Illinois, Pennsylvania etc. ?

  7. Our cold water kitchen sink tap line froze last night. I had to use the hair dryer to melt it out in the basement and duct tape the basement door to keep out the frigid winds–all this in northeast Pennsylvania.

  8. 25 F in LA (Louisiana) last night and expected in the low 20’s next few nights. Young citrus wrapped. Pool pump running 24/7 to prevent freezing pipes. No swimming obviously. Had to wear a coat for the second time in months.

  9. “Down here on the fringes of civilization in the South West Pacific, yesterday (Our New Year’s day) was a genuine balmy 26 C plus – not negative.”

    The British military historian John Keegan who often visited the US summed up the country: wonderful nation, miserable climate.

  10. “…….wonderful nation, miserable climate.”
    On the 2 occasions I have visited North America, agree with the first phrase, but I found the climate wonderful too – 2 weeks toward the end of summer – 1998 in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and in 2002 around the same time, Bellingham, Washington. So only on the west coast in late summer. Have dreamed about doing a full tour of the US, but only in the spring, summer or autumn. 🙂

  11. 95F is about 35 C. Had plenty of that and more when I lived and worked in Oz back in the 1980’s. Got used to working in it during the summer – roof contracting and house building. Hottest I’ve worked in was 47 C – on a hot afternoon in western New South Wales – hot nor-wester blowing in off the interior. Had to finish the roof that day – had my helper passing me up 1.5ltres of water every half hour – didn’t sweat, the hot wind just sucked the moisture out of the body – great way to lose weight though 🙂
    But that’s 35+ years ago. Wouldn’t be seen dead trying it now. On second thoughts, that may well be how I’d be seen.

  12. 14 degrees in eastern VA. No water in the church for Masses on Sat pm and Sun. God bless the plumber who worked on the well in the dark n cold.

  13. 7.30 am. here in Tauranga, on Wednesday 3rd. Jan. 19 C and light rain, increasing to 24 C during the day, and rain increasing – possible thunderstorms this arvo. It’s going to wash out the international cricket here at The Mount Oval, NZ v West Indies. Also the Bryan Adams concert could well be affected on Friday evening, with North Easterlies, we’ll have 2 or 3 days of rain – some possibly stormy. Weather is usually unsettled at this time of year – warm moist and muggy. February usually brings in summer proper.

  14. The mercury fell below zero in SE South Dakota late last Thursday/early last Friday, hit a low of -19 F New Year’s morning and only got back above zero yesterday afternoon. I spent New Year’s day trying to thaw out a frozen water pipe.

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