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Sandro Magister brings us the news that few things seem to be sacred to the powers that be at the Vatican:


But as if that were not enough, here comes the third own goal, centered on the nativity scene set up this year in Saint Peter’s Square (see photo).

There is neither ox nor ass, neither sheep nor shepherds. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary can be spotted with some effort, against the backdrop of a dome of Saint Peter’s in ruins. It is a nativity scene without grace and without poetry, the intention of which is rather to depict one by one the seven corporal works of mercy.

The offer of such a nativity scene to the pope was made by the abbey shrine of Montevergine, which stands on a mountain above Avellino, not far from Naples. At the governorate of Vatican City they say that the project, realized afterward by the Neapolitan artisan Antonio Cantone, was submitted beforehand to the judgment of the secretary of state and of Pope Francis, receiving their approval.

But even more enthusiastic was the approval of Arcigay of Naples and of its president, Antonello Sannino, who told the American journalist Diane Montagna of LifeSite News: “The presence of the Vatican Nativity Scene for us is a reason to be even happier this year,. For the homosexual and transsexual community in Naples, it is an important symbol of inclusion and integration.”

The shrine of Montevergine, in fact, hosts an image of the Blessed Mother – reproduced in the nativity scene of Saint Peter’s Square – that was adopted some time ago as patroness by a vast LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual), which once a year, on February 2, the feast of the presentation of Jesus at the temple, popularly called “Candlemas,” makes a festive climb of the sanctuary by foot, called “juta dei femminielli,” the climb of the effeminates.

It is a “mix of the sacred and profane,” a sort of “ancestral gay pride,” Sannino explained. In 2002 the  abbot of Montevergine at the time, Tarcisio Nazzaro, protested against the political spin being given to that the pilgrimage, which was joined this year by the transexual parliamentarian Vladimir Luxuria.

But at the “Candlemas” of 2014 Luxuria appeared at the shrine reading a letter that he had written to Pope Francis in the name of the LGBT community.

In 2017 an LGBT group, again with Luxuria, met with new abbot Riccardo Luca Guariglia, who – they later reported – gave them his blessing in an “atmosphere of dialogue.”

The town of Ospedaletto d’Alpinolo, from which the climb to the shrine departs, this year gave honorary citizenship to a married couple of homosexuals, inaugurated for the “femminielli” a “no gender” bathroom and put up a sign at the entrance to the town saying: “Ospedaletto d’Alpinolo is against homotransphobia and gender violence.”

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Sannino should say he is convinced that a greater openness of the Church on the subject of homosexuality also depends on “how conscious” Vatican officials are of the connection between the nativity scene in Saint Peter’s Square and the LGBT community. “The Church is extremely slow in its transformations,” he added. “But we hope that the Church will finally develop a real sense of openness in the wake of the pope’s words: ‘Who am I to judge?’”.

Meanwhile, in this Christmas season, pilgrims and tourists who have come to Rome from all over the world are looking with visible bewilderment at the nativity scene set up in the middle of Bernini’s colonnade, and especially its chiseled “nude” who seems to be longing after something other than being dressed mercifully.

Like every year, on the evening of December 31, after the “Te Deum” Pope Francis will also appear before the nativity scene in Saint Peter’s Square, although it is not known “how conscious” he will be of the mess he has gotten himself into. And the LGBT community will certainly be very attentive to scrutinizing and interpreting every one of his gestures and expressions.

For a complete reconstruction of the incident, here is a link to the article by Diane Montagna:

Vatican’s “sexually suggestive” nativity has troubling ties to Italy’s LGBT activists

Go here to read the rest.  Here is a picture of part of the creche:



Remember when the query “is the Pope Catholic” was not meant to be a real question?

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  1. Lucifer enters the Nativity scene!
    And at the Vatican no less.

    Pope Francis?
    Maybe his credo is that of the looser; If ya can’t beat em’ join em’.
    I hope his Holiness would kneel before that creche and truly absorb the scene.
    If he does so with a contrite heart, his vomit should cover the Lucifer action figure. That would be a great start to the new year and no mixed messages would be interpreted to the LGBT community. Plain and simple.

  2. Note to self: Tear up “Peter’s Pence” collection envelope.

    Of the Spiritual Works of Mercy: Admonish the sinner. Counsel the doubtful. Instruct the ignorant.

    Where in the Gospel does Jesus teach to us include and integrate LGBT, or any sinner?

    Identity Creche! Identity Mercy! Identity Theology! Identity Catholicism! . . .

  3. At this point, and after all we have been through since 2013 does this surprise anyone? More importantly, how long will these men be allowed to “occupy” a Catholic building?

  4. Saw photo of creche in entirety n thought WTH! Expensive ugliness.
    That was before I read that the ruined dome was St. Peter’s. Actually might be prophetic but not appropriate in a creche.
    LGBT overtones? Next year will Mary be depicted as St. Joseph’s’ “beard”? The Infant a he/she?
    Where’s the JOY?

  5. There is no such thing as transphobia. There is not such thing as transgender. There is no such thing as a transexual. The transgendered individual has neutered himself. The transexual has become or made himself into a celebrated eunuch. Perhaps people ought to be wary of others who say that they are transexual and that we are transphobic. Why ought not people be wary of liars, fakes, frauds and perjurers in a court of law, who would impose their version of being neutered as as an occasion for rejoicing? Only TRUTH has freedom of speech and peaceable assembly.
    The TRUTH about transexuals is that they are neutered. The TRUTH about transphobia is that it is much ado about nothing.
    Had there been ten innocent children in Sodom, God would has spared the city, but neutered individuals do not procreate. Those who trade in their bodies to placate their sick souls lose both.

  6. This sounds like the kerfuffle that started back when Pope Benedict XVI addressed a hypothetical about condom use in an interview, and the all-sex-all-the-time/spirit-of-the-world-set’s the agenda types started shouting about how Church teaching on contraception was be about to be changed.

  7. Mary’s face looks angry. All of the faces are either angry or foolish…stupid. The Nativity scene is an embarrassment and does not even rise to blasphemy.

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