Black Unemployment Lowest on Record

Black unemployment in this country fell to 6.8% in the last quarter of last year.  That is the lowest black unemployment rate since records began to be kept on that subject 45 years ago.  If you haven’t heard about this anyplace else, Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts explains why:

The reason the Wolff book is so important

Is this.  Yep, the unemployment rate for African Americans is now lower than it has been since tracking began.  The press has under reported this*, and if pushed, I’m sure it will rely on giving credit to Barrack Obama.   Just like the press continued to blame anything wrong during the previous eight years on George Bush. 

Nonetheless, the headline ‘Unemployment lowest ever for African Americans’ is bad optics.  So focusing on Wolff’s book is important.  It must keep our eyes off the ball, off of what is happening, and in the trenches of personal attack and character assassination.

Of course the book is really nothing new. It’s nothing other than an author saying trust him, he talked to people who say what the press, pundits and Trump critics insist people have said for the last year.  And insisting he had access to Trump for around three hours over the course of months of campaigning (do the math).

And it’s nothing we haven’t heard before Donald Trump.  Senility, moron, mentally incapable, unfit for office – I heard in in the 80s with Reagan and Dan Quayle.  I heard it again in the 00s during the Bush administration.  In fact, come to think of it, I notice a trend.  When the Left doesn’t get the person it wants, it uses the press and other surrogates to attack and destroy the individuals who have thwarted their designs.  As this book is supposed to do.

I don’t think Trump is the best type of person we could have by a long shot.  Unfortunately, the best type of people we have produced have become part of the problem, as this old piece observes.  A world with a growing elitist class that cares for itself, and nothing else.  If Trump doesn’t care either, he’s at least shaking things up and, so far, doing things that could help that growing demographic of non-elites that had so woefully fallen behind over the last few decades.

*Except for USA Today, the linked to article, and a handful of local or marginal publications, I’ve not found major outlets running this story.  Those few I found that did address the news were like this WaPo piece, which obviously was trying to downplay and deflect, and keep divides alive.

Go here to comment.  This reminds me that Reagan knew that his economic policies were working when the mainstream media stopped referring to them as Reaganomics.  The mainstream media often bears the same relationship to reality as spam bears to filet mignon.

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  1. I learned during the Reagan administration there was a segment of the population that wanted the country to fail. They are called liberals. They are always attempting to consolidate their power and that becomes really hard to do when the country does well. Trump has been the best President in terms of the economy since Reagan. He has also been the most pro-life. I hope and pray he can finish his term without a de facto coup. These are perilous times for the rule of law.

  2. An objection/complaint I used to hear frequently regarding unemployment statistics was that they failed to account for “discouraged” workers who had given up looking for work and had exhausted their unemployment benefits, and therefore were no longer being reported to BLS as being unemployed. However, no one in any of the recent stories I read seemed to be (as I would have expected) attempting to argue that the only reason black unemployment was down was because the rampant racism unleashed by Trump/Hitler II was discouraging massive numbers of blacks from even bothering to look for work (or something along those lines). So that must not be a factor.

    That said, I think the real test of the Trump economy will be whether it produces lasting gains in the overall labor participation rate — which started dropping in 2007 and has been holding at or just below 63 percent (of all persons age 16 and older) since 2014 — for blacks (and everyone else). While Baby Boomer retirements account for some of the decrease in labor participation, it doesn’t explain it entirely.

  3. I never tire of citing a statistic from the WSJ a couple of years after the 2008 recession began: black unemployment stats in the highest quintile of income showed no evidence of any possible racial bias in layoffs or other dismissals. The lower four did show disparities, but it was impossible ti separate the disparities from bona fide seniority “first in first out” practices. This proves that at the top level of our society that racial disparities and calculations simply do not exist.

  4. Trump is the best friend Blacks ever had in government. A growing economy and and slowing immigration does wonders. All of this renders the Democrats and their shills, i.e., MSM, irrelevant. And they don’t like it. All their huffing and puffing is not tipping Trump off the wall. He is really making the country great again.

    Now, we need a Trump-like Pope to get rid of Vatican II and make the Church effective and orthodox again.

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