PopeWatch: Recreational Heresy

From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:



Roman Catholic dioceses in California began allowing recreational heresy Monday in what has been seen as a milestone in the mainstreaming of dissent.

Lines formed outside churches licensed to allow heresy hours before Mass and CCD times, and RCIA teachers said they had stocked up in expectation of huge demand for new types of heresy.

“There’re bigger crowds here than I saw at all the Christmas masses put together this year,”  said pastor of St. Basil Catholic Church, Matthew Dreyer, whose Legalize Dissent campaign has garnered thousands of followers on social media. “We’ve had dissent for decades now, but we’ve been marginalized to more liberal parishes. Now we can finally come out of the shadows and into the rad trad parishes.”

At one Catholic church in San Diego, hundreds lined up for hours to have a chance to be among the first to teach heresy at an RCIA or CCD class at a liturgically orthodox parish.

“There’s really nothing that the priests can do now to stop it,” said California native, Connie Schick. “The USCCB gave us a voice—they gave us a vote and we did it. Finally, we did it!”

Speaking with EOTT, Dreyer said he expected a 25% bump in dissent overnight, but that it could be as high as 50%.

California is the sixth state to allow the use of recreational heresy, and as one of the largest concentrations of Catholics in the United States, it has been widely seen as the corner stone on which legalization of mainstream heterodoxy will be built in the country.

Go here to read the comments.  PopeWatch managed to get the Pope on the phone for a comment:

“Gringo, I have warned you to stop calling me!  Of course California has embraced recreational heresy.  They are all loons out there, especially the bishops I have appointed.  In the 2005 Conclave I told Mahony that if he didn’t stop chattering I would have to use my rosary as a garotte.  No, you may not quote me!”.  With that, the Holy Father brought the call to an end.

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  1. After Vatican II some people started teaching their own heresy and using Vatican II as the excuse. Some even rented halls for their heretical lectures. So here the heretics are being given the house of God.

  2. Recreational heresy is so “cool.”
    Just ask the recreational marijuana users.
    There is so much in common, man.
    The buzz is great…. nobody gets hurt….and your conscience is free and clear of all the “paranoid pathos” of the past.
    Just think! No more division.
    There is no hell.
    No man…..just let it be.
    I’m setting up my Catholic Church in my basement.
    St. Marley the dreadlock.
    It’s going to be a blast of blessings.
    Roll one for Bob.
    Holy rollers unite.

    I’ve missed EOTT man.

  3. I don’t understand the urge to heresy. It seems based in the urge to be original, to be different, to be right and for everyone else to be wrong. Subversiveness has a sort of glamor in some circles. The urge to heresy is the same as the urge to internet atheism that loudly proclaims Christians to be wrong. Like internet atheism, heresy loudly proclaims Christians to be wrong. Unlike internet atheism, it loudly proclaims that it is the truly Christian belief, unlike those rigid stick-in-the-muds who rely on dogma and logic. What has been lacking is the claim that everyone else is the heretic, exceptions made for the Orthodox Church, et. al. When Catholic heretics catch on to labeling the orthodox Catholics as the real heretics, it will mark a sea change in the conversation. Right now, they don’t know how to make that argument. They can’t rationally make that argument yet. They need to generate more self-referencing web pages that they can cite as evidence to support such a lie.

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