Google is Evil

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  1. Hope he wins. But this is California, a sort of laboratory for Progressive experiments, so who knows. But the real deal here is the amount of publicity that can be generated about this case. And it is doubtful the MSM will be much help in spreading bad news about diversity and Google who is a partner in mind control. This issue will have to be fought in small media and the blogosphere.

  2. I tend to dislike employment discrimination law and would like to see it disappear (bar that I think that’s actually Dale Price’s specialty). Still, I’d be pleased to see the enemy compelled to follow his own rules (bar that I doubt our scandalous judiciary would ever insist on it).

  3. Just the fact that the suit has been filed is a milestone. Dislike Google intensely.
    When I had to redeem old savings bonds as an executrix, the Dept of Treasury prohibited the use of Google Chrome – not secure enough.

  4. These giants champion “progressive views,” but they do this mainly to strengthen the Democratic Party so that nothing they do to suppress competition will be challenged by the leaders of the “progressive”Party. Google is every bit as much a threat to democratic government as Standard Oil ever was. because it owns the government.

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