PopeWatch: Reverence, Where Art Thou?

From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Sierra Nevada–More than five dozen searchers scoured the Sierra Nevada foothills for the missing reverence at a Mass at the Church of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque yesterday.

Reverence was due to appear promptly for the 9am Mass, but two hours after the Mass had concluded, a search began with helicopters, including a National Guard Blackhawk, looking for any signs of reverence.

Using thermal infrared technology, searchers have still not been able to locate any clues to the whereabouts of the reverence expected at Mass, but a spokeswoman for the Church of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Dana Whitmore, told EOTT today that several parishioners were being investigated after being seen walking out of Mass wearing shorts and flip flops.

“We cannot release the names of those being questioned at this moment,” Whitmore told the press. “But we can say that officials from the diocese have spoken to St. Margaret Mary’s pastor Fr. Neville Mayfield about why his altar boys and altar girls were allowed to chew gum while staring out into space during the Consecration.”

Nine ground search teams made up of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter were later dispatched to find reverence. They focused on the areas in and around the pews as well as on the Sanctuary.

Reverence was not the only thing being sought. In another part of the Sierra Nevada, a search was underway near St. Matthew Catholic Church to find solemnity and piety.


Go here to read the comments.  PopeWatch has been unable to confirm that the missing Reverence has been sighted at the Vatican shaking its head.

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  1. Who needs reverence anyway?
    Rip out the kneelers. Rearrange the pews so everyone is facing each other.
    Get rid of the Tabernacle… place it in a closet.
    Take everything that remotely resembles Icons or statues and remove them.
    Relics too…take them out.
    This is reverence to man.
    A church where all God’s are equal and all worshipers may choose to do what their conscience tells them.
    A Church of Nice.


  2. I apologize for being insufficiently merciful. Awe, piety, reverence seem incompatible with stroking the egos of adulterers, fornicators, and progressives.

  3. The comments sure have defined ourselves at Mass. There are two churches near who have placed the tabernacle in the sacristy. WHO do the priests think we come to see? them? our neighbors? We come to see Jesus, the High Priest. Holy Mother Church is a virgin, and a virgin she will stay.
    The Catholic Church is GOD’S HOUSE. If you do not follow Jesus Christ, you have no business invading and occupying the Catholic Church. GET OUT.

  4. Mary De Voe.
    I hope you know that I was being extremely sarcastic.
    When they raped the beautiful churches in the seventies we we’re entering a cold dead husk of what was His sanctuary. Kneelers brought back, statues returned and so did reverence.

    I was being sarcastic, since it was EOTT and all.
    Excuse me. ?

  5. Philip: I realize that you were being extremely sarcastic. No need for excuse. I can name names of where the kneelers are NOT brought back, so if a person kneels he slides forward because the church floor is built on a slant, the Real Presence is hidden in the sacristy in two nearby churches, and the church is used like a community hall for purposes of a concert. I am embarrassed for the priests and the people. I was going to say that I am as mad as hell. I am thinking that people ought to attend Mass in a realization of WHOM they come to see., but no, this article puts the finger on leading our minor children away from reverence.
    There was a time in my day, that parents brought their children to church and explained the holy place, the windows, the statues, and the reason for their being there, the Real Presence. But oh! We had nuns and sisters then and reverent priests, priests who deserved the address Reverend. Just too much familiarity.

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