Mark Shea Hardest Hit


Trump is in fine physical and mental health.  The media’s obsession about Trump’s health stands in stark contrast to their complete indifference about Hillary’s health during the 2016 campaign.  What makes this quite bizarre is that Trump continually had a schedule during the campaign, often doing five rallies a day, that would have exhausted men half his age, and never appeared tired.  Whatever problems Trump has, ill health is not one of them.    Of course if the media didn’t have a double standard which always protects the left, they would have no standards at all.


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  1. Very good news on Trump. But the MSM will find a way to make it sound bad. However, instead of hurting him they are really helping, i.e., fighting back is energizing. Trump is a warrior and a winner.

  2. Mark who?

    One if the smart kids (Obama-worshipping imbeciles) asked the president’s MD how can President Trump become as fit as Obama. President Trump could smoke cigarettes. No lie.

  3. BTW, given that the title of this blog post is “Mark Shea Hardest Hit,” I wonder how well Mark would fare on a medical test similar to what the President underwent. I do not refer disparagingly to his weight problem (one that I now sadly share with him due to diabetes and other mitigating circumstances). Rather, I refer to the cognitive assessment exam which the President passed with flying colors. Again, I am not casting aspersions on Mark’s character, but rather am questioning how a person can be mentally healthy overall when he becomes deranged over a mere mortal man – a businessman and politician at that! – whom he cannot change or persuade or affect. When I (early in recovery from alcoholism and addiction) would dementedly focus on some other person outside of myself, my sponsor would always ask me why I insisted on freely renting space in my head to someone who really doesn’t matter to my sobriety and sanity. My sponsor would tell me that maybe I was looking in a mirror and did not like what I saw, and that it really did not matter if I was correct about the other person being unfit. Rather, my derangement was making me unfit, unbalanced and unstable. I was becoming in myself what I accused the other person of being. That (I believe) is the case with Mark Shea. Thus, I pay him no heed, and Trump (for whom I did not vote, having cast my ballot for a third party candidate) little heed. But I do have a failing. I find it ever enjoyable that Trump puts people like Mark into paroxysms of spittle-flecked epileptic fits. I should not enjoy that. Rather, I should pray for his mental health (and work for mine as well).

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    re MSBS:

    By just typing his name, you give him strength like the folks at Peter Pan clapping to save Tinkerbelle. By responding, you prop open the gates of liberal hell. [darn, I promised never again to say ‘baby puppies’]. Stop the applause which enlivens him; pray for him, yes, but no clapping. Whenever you see his face, whenever you see his name, whenever a text or screen says MSBS* or the like, do what I did for BSBO – Barry Soetoro Barack Obama – I turned the computer, the cell phone, the radio, the TV off. I refused to listen, I refused to look. Did the same for HRHHRC. I excised him [and her] from my life. Throw some water on the wicked wookie wizard of the web. And watch him melt away, not with a bang, but with a wuss whimper. Guy McClung, Texas

    * MSBS: M___S____B_____S_____ . . . . you can figure out the rest

  5. Very skeptical of psychiatry and clinical psychology myself. Do agree with you that M. Shea is not at peace with himself and being cross-examined by mental heath types might be…interesting for them and disconcerting for anyone overhearing.

  6. If SNL were still funny, there’d be a sketch of the disbelieving press corpse [stet] asking the increasingly perplexed and frustrated Dr. questions about the Presidents failing health and declining mental faculties (“At any time during your exam, did the President dribble drool on his chin?” Kind of like that Trekkie convention sketch Shatner did that got him in trouble with all the basement dwelling nerds.

  7. And speaking of basement dwelling nerds, I can’t figure out whose pretentions are being satirized here: George Lucas or Leo Strauss.

    The new Star Wars movies start where, forty years ago, the original began. Despite the triumph at the end of Return of the Jedi, the political situation in the Star Wars universe has reverted to its previous state. The Empire is now the First Order, the Rebellion is now the Resistance, Palpatine is Snoke, and there are no meaningful differences between the originals and their replacements. Many viewers have complained about the stasis, and indeed it is disappointing. But a Straussian esoteric reading will reveal that it serves a purpose.

  8. Trump drives his political enemies into a foaming-at-the-mouth rage with everything he says and does. I quite enjoy it. The guy is 71, has more stamina than Secretariat, more money than he can count, a rapier-sharp wit that makes his critics look like kindergarteners calling each other “poopy-head”, ran for and was elected President without a second of political office experience…..

    Trump’s enemies have made the mistake of thinking he was nothing more than his pop culture persona, when that was just about Trump having fun. The guy means business and doesn’t engage in Washington blather-speak.

    Shea hates Trump because Trump exists. Shea has become Ahab searching for Moby Dick…..or Boss Hogg trying to nail the Duke Boys (but Shea isn’t as funny or as entertaining).

    Look, Shea’s sanity took a long walk off of a short pier because Bush approved waterboarding during the Iraq War and he could not come to grips how pro lifers could support Bush when he supported waterboarding. Since then, Shea’s sanity has fallen down an abandoned mine shaft. Queen Isabel the Catholic was always a pious Catholic and the greatest Queen next to the Blessed Virgin Mary and she had no trouble dealing with her enemies according to the customs of her time, which we might find extreme.

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