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When you’re a doctor who does these abortions and the leaders of your movement appear before Congress and go on network news and say these procedures are done in only the most tragic of circumstances, how do you think that makes you feel? You know they’re primarily done on healthy women and healthy fetuses, and it makes you feel like a dirty little abortionist with a dirty little secret. I think we should tell them the truth, let them vote and move on. In the vast majority of cases, the procedure is performed on a healthy mother with a healthy fetus that is 20 weeks or more along. The abortion-rights folks know it, the anti-abortion folks know it, and so, probably, does everyone else.


Ron Fitzsimmons, Executive Director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, in “An Abortion Rights Advocate Says He Lied About Procedure”, New York Times (February 26, 1997).



Since 1974, the year after Roe, pro-lifers have marched in Washington each January.  They have marched against abortion in the face of a well-funded pro-abortion movement with immense political strength, and which dominates academia, almost all the media and the entertainment industry.  They have marched in the face of opposition and indifference by all too many Christians.  They have endured insult, calumny and violence.  They have have held high the central truth of Christianity:  that all innocent human life is sacred, and that each one of us is a children of a loving God.  They are my personal heroes and heroines.  May God give our cause victory, and may we live to see a Country where the most dangerous place for an unborn child to be is no longer the womb.

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  1. Thank God for President trump. Today, he will become the first US President to address the March For Life, live via closed circuit TV.

    Not only is President Trump the most pro-life president, he is the only one that does more than weakly talk about it.

    And, thank God for Maria Bartiromo and Fox News network for their coverage of the March.

  2. Amen to everything T. Shaw just posted.
    Trump the abortion industry!
    Trump the hell out of Planned Parenthood…I mean Worse than Murder Inc.

  3. I recall the days 13 years ago when I did the March for Life (at 74.7years) George Bush addressed the March, not by video, but it was on a loudspeaker and inspiring. Reagan and George H.W. Bush also addressed the March by telephone/loudspeaker. So, Trump’s address was fine and welcome, but not that much of a new thing from a Republican president.

  4. Professor, I disagree with your last sentence. As I wrote elsewhere on this blog, today the president said “every life is sacred” “born and unborn” “every child is a precious gift from God”. That’s a big new thing.

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    read. There is only a 2″ space where you have the text at the left margin available and so must read within that 2″ band. Is there some simple click ll I don’t know? Any tips?

  6. Sovereign personhood is endowed by “their Creator” at fertilization of the ovum by the male seed. Sovereign personhood is an attribute of the rational, immortal human soul as are free will and intellect. The rational human soul is not endowed by the state, nor are any innate human rights. Citizenship is the only coin of the realm authorized by the government. Human life initiated by procreation and confirmed by creation is a gift from God. Atheism has no place in the gift of life. Reverence and awe are due to the gift of life.
    Roe v. Wade assumed without any evidence that the newly begotten rational soul was not a person. Atheistic, ignorant and evil.
    Once again our unborn constitutional Posterity have a voice in the public square. Welcome President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

  7. Cam, with respect to ” today the president said “every life is sacred” “born and unborn” “every child is a precious gift from God”.I remember that George Bush said pretty much the same thing in 2005 when I was at the March for Life. So that is a Big Thing, but not a New Thing.

  8. That Trump showed himself to the public while speaking is important. Further, the policy changes he lists go beyond what Bush did. In each case he takes a stance opposed to the radical steps taken by Obama on behalf of the Pro-abortion crowd. Finally, he takes the side of conservative catholics verses the liberals. So no damning with faint praise, please. George Bush is probably a better man, but not as pro-life.

  9. John – How is George Bush probably a better man? He is married to a woman who is close friends with Nancy Brinkman, the founder of Planned Parenthood supporting Susan G Komen, and has a daughter who gave the opening speech at a PP convention.

  10. God bless all those who stand for all life from the womb to the tomb! Thank you for bravery to stand against the adversary in public and claim God’s truth.

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