President Trump and Vice-President Pence Address the March for Life

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  1. I found Mark’s response particularly repulsive. He sounds like nothing other than the most zealous pro-choice advocates I’ve heard over the years. If I wanted to believe one could be a faithful Catholic and fanatical abortion rights activist at the same time, I could do worse than visiting his blog on a regular basis, where he implicitly gives dispensations to any who join his hatred of all things right of center. As I said, like Rolfe from Sound of Music, he’s beyond the point of reason. .

  2. I do, however, believe there is something to be said about Trump’s history as far lack of character goes, especially with regards to sexual morality. And I still find the pass he got from even many reputable conservatives on the Access Hollywood tape repulsive.

    But even more so, I find it embarrassing as a Catholic that a man like President Trump,who has a history of being an immoral reprobate, puts forth a bolder witness on these issue than most of the Catholic hierarchy, including…well, you know.

  3. Oh don’t get me wrong, I didn’t vote for Trump. I get why many supported him, but wish it was someone else doing what he is doing. Be that as it may, I still wouldn’t lash out at the Walk for Life or any other pro-life witness, almost playing into the old canard that pro-lifers never cared about children, just their own pet pelvic obsessions.

  4. Why waste time writing about Mark Shea? Why give his blog any publicity? The news today is President Trump’s so clearly articulated pro-life message “….you love every child, born and unborn, because you believe that every life is sacred; that every child is a precious gift from God.”

  5. CAM, I think it’s because Mark is still treated like a valid voice for Catholic teaching, and people use (or exploit) his blog as a justification for believing one can indulge in or support the various sins and evils associated with progressive ideals and be a virtuous Catholic in good standing. But yes, focus should be on the words Trump said.

  6. President Trump took another giant step towards heaven today. May God be with him. Let us pray for him every day.

  7. What a very odd presidency this is. I voted for Trump very reluctantly, because the alternative was far worse. I find his vulgarity, personal life, and some of his tweets, well, deplorable. I think he’s a bit of a rogue.

    And yet this rogue is doing his best to keep his campaign promises and is governing far more conservatively than I thought he would. In contrast, Obama from all appearances has been faithful to Michele, but sides with the culture of death.

    That a playboy (and, even more startlingly the ex-porn star who is now a religious Jew and a strong pro-lifer) can see abortion for what it is while “Catholics” like Pelosi and Biden cannot is one of the wonders of the age.

    I too pray for Trump every day. The hatred directed against him is truly incredible. Perhaps only a roguish, crude New Yorker who relishes battle could withstand such attacks.

    Trump really does remind me of Andrew Jackson, another combative president who was crude and flawed and hated by the elites(Jackson was racist; Trump despite what he critics say is not) but possessed of great courage. Perhaps we have to take the bad with the good. If he were a man of more delicate sensibilities, he would not be the fighter he is.

  8. You mirror my feelings precisely in regard to Trump SC. Perhaps Stephen Vincent Benet said it best about the unlikely in history:

    “Fate has a way of picking unlikely material,
    Greasy-haired second lieutenants of French artillery,
    And bald-headed, dubious, Roman rake-politicians.
    Her stiff hands were busy now with an odd piece of wood,”

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