PopeWatch: Applause

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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Longtime parishioner of St. Gertrude Catholic Church Stewart Donaldson is being accused of insensitivity and for “not being a team player” after he was seen not clapping after the church’s pastor concluded his homily last Sunday.

Donaldson’s refusal to applaud after the homily was seen by many in the parish, including Fr. James Thomas who delivered the homily, as a slap in the face. Donaldson was subsequently called to the front of the church to answer for himself.

Parish council members that were present at the Mass have denounced what they are calling Donaldson’s silent protest of the church and of Father Thomas in particular.

“Fr. Thomas gave a wonderful homily about community and coming together as one family,” said one member of the parish council, Maria Forte. “His refusal to clap was basically him saying ‘To hell with this community—to hell with coming together.’ So when he was called to the front, everyone was obviously really angry him. Remember—this is the same guy who doesn’t applaud for the church band when Mass is over, so he’s clearly insane. That’s the reason we ended up not even giving him the opportunity to answer for himself.”

“People were shouting and throwing hymnals at him,” said parishioner Tabitha Joans. “He was very lucky to only be banned from ever entering the church. Could’ve been a lot worse. And poor Fr. Thomas has been a mess ever since Sunday. He’s so self-conscious now that he says he won’t ever deliver a homily again.”


Go here to comment.  PopeWatch called the Vatican for comment and after a lengthy wait talked to the Pope.  “Gringo I have told you to stop calling me!  Do I have to get a restraining order?  Applause after a homily?  You gringos always think up new forms of blasphemy.  I will have to consider a mass excommunication against those who break the Holy Silence of the Mass.  Now, never call me again, or else I will excommunicate you!”  And with that the conversation came to an end.

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  1. Mass as entertainment.

    Don’t preach to me hell or the consequences of sin and all that stuff.
    Just give me some warm fuzzy sweet talk of all the good man does and how God can only survive on the goodness of man. That’s what I want to hear.
    No political talk. No abortion garbage. I like my pastor to wear jeans and polo shirts..talk about the abundance of money that’s coming our way if we just wish it to be and …oh, one more thing. Making the confessional into a photo booth was the best change our Church has made. The kids have a place to play for the twenty two minutes we spend in Church. We always applaud at Pastor Harvey’s homilies. His jokes keep us coming back for more.

    A glimpse of Holy Luther Catholic Church.

  2. Philip: “A glimpse of Holy Luther Catholic Church.” Yes. Luther believed that Jesus Christ was present if and only when the parishioners believed Jesus Christ was present to them. So, no Faith, no Jesus.
    That is not what Jesus taught. It is more than possible that these ecumenical Masses are not valid Masses. The parishioners attending definitely do not believe that all persons are present in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the perfect love of Jesus; the perfect love of Jesus that perfects our love for one another and for ourselves these Masses valid or not valid. To reverence the Real Presence of Jesus Christ, through Him and with Him and in Him pays reverence to all men. (and mankind, women)
    The parishioners applauding at Mass and ignoring the perfect love of Jesus are raining on their own parade. Thank you, Philip.

  3. Those of you who are near an Anglican Usage congregation (the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter) would be fulfilled by Mass, low or high, following the Latin rite, but using the English Book of Common Prayer, lots of thees, thous, the Holy Ghost rather than Holy Spirit, Holy Communion: kneeling at the altar rail, intincted, by mouth, ad orientem worship,….
    Here’s a map with a list of local congregations

  4. I would go if I could. Dr. Kurland. The nearest one is St. Anslem in Greenville, SC, some two hours away. I have been to a Mass at an Orthodox Anglican Church (OAC) before and it is conducted very reverently, using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. The OAC completely rejects Canterbury and all her works. And I went to an Anglican Usage parish before when I was on a teaching assignment in the Dallas – Forth Worth area about 8 years ago or so. The Mass was wonderful. It was sort of like the Tridentine Mass except in Elizabethan English – how things should be.

  5. Bob Kurland Ph.D.: Intincture, as I understand it, dipping the Host into the Blood of Christ is only allowed to the priest, but not to the people. Since in the sacred Body of Jesus we have both flesh and blood.
    Fussy, I am.

  6. In our ever more Man oriented Novus Ordo Catholic Church community is the focus of worship is man, not God. For an hour on Sunday we are now more Communist than Catholic. The parish has been become a center for activities, e.g., in our parish the Stewardship Program has become nearly the entire focus of attention with it’s 113 separate activities. Our Rector has become a kind of community organizer. Welcome to the Catholic Commune comrade.

    We can thank Vatican II for this devilish re-orientation. When sin has gone and everyone goes to heaven what else is left but to focus on Man and his needs. Makes sense, doesn’t it. One problem. It’s is heresy and a work of the devil.

  7. Our family’s back up church (for when we cannot make it to Divine Liturgy) is what I call a “movement church”. I just can’t handle the N.O. parishes in our area anymore.
    I will say the last Mass we went to was a funeral Mass. I was worried about being angry and upset, but I wanted to “be there” for my friend who had lost her father.
    The Mass was so bizarre, I sat there totally mystified, not upset.
    The Byzantine Rite also does intincture. I think most Eastern Rite parishes do.

  8. Mary Do Voe:
    At our small Byzantine rite parish, leavened bread (I know not the recipe, but it is somehow leavened, which is licit for the Eastern Rite/Liturgy St John Chrysotom/St. Basil) and red wine are blessed, consecrated and then Father puts them in the chalice. It is difficult for me to see exactly what happens, because I sit on the side in an old choir loft, and then there is the icon screen, etc.
    We receive on a small gold spoon, and yes, germs can be passed along. If I think I might be sick, but I’ve gone to Liturgy anyway because I just don’t think I’m all that sick, I don’t go to Communion. Honestly, and I don’t want to bash the Rite, but this is not the most efficient way of doing things, especially for a large group (which we do not have at our parish) or a very elderly priest with less than steady hands (which we also do not have on a regular basis). We stand, which is sometimes a challenge for very tall, or very short, parishioners–and our pastor, of course.
    It seems to me that the Tridentine Rite with its host, paten, altar rail, kneeling, etc, is the most efficient way, and I say that preferring the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom to the Tridentine Rite (The TR It isn’t any more or less reverent, but it seems to me to be most efficient.) If our Diocese were to allow a TR parish, I would not be in a hurry to join if the Byz Rite were available.
    As for the Novus Ordo, I am not sure what to do.

  9. DJH: I have attended the Byzantine Rite and received from the little golden spoon. The priest in good standing is married and has two children. The priest is very reverent.
    I am allergic to wine and after a stroke I cannot swallow, therefore, I ask for the tiniest piece of the Host. I am happy to be at Mass and happy to be able to receive again. There was a year of absence. God kept me close.
    I have not attended a Maronite Rite. The church is too far away.
    As for the Novus Ordo, I go to meet Jesus. I refrain from the handshakes and the invitation to greet my neighbor. I go to meet Jesus.

  10. DJH: The Catholic Faith is the greatest gift I have been given and the freedom and grace to share the Catholic Faith, as my own version, and everybody has their own version, is still lacking. So, I am so grateful to The American Catholic for being able to tell you so.
    May God bless you and yours DJH.
    “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our (Constitutional) Posterity.” all future generations. The Preamble, the purpose of our Constitution.

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