PopeWatch: Papal Honor

The Vatican will do precisely nothing in regard to the Papal decoration given to a Dutch pro-abort.  Edward Pentin gives us the details:


The Vatican currently has no plans to change the procedure of exchanging honors during historic official visits of heads of state to the Vatican, and believes that the responsibility for any subsequent abuse of such decorations rests with the visiting delegation.

Despite the outcry over giving militant pro-abortion Dutch politician Lilianne Ploumen a medal of Commander in the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great last summer, Vatican officials believe the statement issued about the honor last week by deputy spokeswoman Paloma Garcia-Ovejero was enough, and that Ploumen’s award was actually meant as a snub.

The Vatican and the Dutch government exchanged honors when Holland’s King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima made their first, historic official visit to the Pope and the Vatican last June.

Ploumen, a staunch promoter of abortion who started a fund called She Decides which has raised nearly $400 million for international pro-abortion organizations since July, took part in the delegation as a government minister.

Earlier this month, a video emerged of Ploumen showing off the honor and saying the Pope had awarded it to her in recognition of her work in lobbying for abortion for girls.

Go here to read the rest.  Anyone surprised?

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  1. Sarcasm running high at the Vatican?

    ….. Vatican officials believe the statement issued about the honor last week by deputy spokeswoman Paloma Garcia-Ovejero was enough, and that Ploumen’s award was actually meant as a snub.

    ..meant as a snub. Spinning as a whirling dervish Ms. Garcia-Ovejero?
    So the Vatican is using once honorable awards as tools to ignore or spurn?

    What about other acts of kindness being used as a cloak of disdain;

    Or this..


    Are these acts of kindness by the Vatican just more…snubs?

    Lightning striking the dome of St. Peter’s as omen… good or ill?
    Using the medal of Commander in the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great as a “brush-off” isn’t a good spin. What is believable is the stench of evil being masked as sweet incense to comply with dark forces that make the Vatican their home. Lavender Mafia needs to be eradicated. A fumigation of the Vatican is in order.

  2. The Supreme Court disenfranchised the male of the human species of their seed and their fatherhood, putting male procreation into the choice of the woman. Without the woman’s right to choose, the male of the human species would retain his fathering privileges in a court of law.
    Does this mean that Francis’ papacy is disenfranchised of his fatherhood. Francis seems to enjoy his respite from orthodoxy

  3. Great connection Mary.
    He has forfeited his fatherhood for culture popularity.
    Assuming his inspiration is from the Holy Spirit he gleefully abandons orthodoxy in the belief that it’s rigid teachings and practices chain the individual. Similar to the adolescent that feels his freedom is in doing what pleases him and any instruction in abstinence or chastity is a heavy chain and ball that kills his freedom.


    The above photo is harmless some will say, however the ordination of permanent deacon is not an opportunity to win favor through popular pranks during Holy Mass… it’s in this vein that our Pope is flowing. “What’s a matter..are your hands stuck together?” Holy Father to an altar boy who was aware of his position.. even though the Holy Father was unaware of his own.

    Masks are popular these days.

  4. Mary De Voe.

    In retrospect, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is an enigma.
    Questioning the conclave in 2013 is not, imo, a conspiracy theory. His actions speak louder than his words. His past does not support a Papal occupancy.
    For years the Masonic Lodge has prophesied that one day they will have one of their own in the Chair of St. Peter. Maybe their day had come. Why else would a leader of the Holy Catholic Church not defend it’s teachings but strive to weaken them?

  5. Philip:
    Heresies fall woefully short of defining man, leaving man in a short circuit and in danger of losing his soul. If Pope Francis cares nothing for his soul, Francis can care nothing for any soul.

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