Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Patriotism in the female sex is the most disinterested of all virtues. Excluded from honors and from offices, we cannot attach ourselves to the State or Government from having held a place of eminence. Even in the freest countries our property is subject to the control and disposal of our partners, to whom the laws have given a sovereign authority. Deprived of a voice in legislation, obliged to submit to those laws which are imposed upon us, is it not sufficient to make us indifferent to the public welfare? Yet all history and every age exhibit instances of patriotic virtue in the female sex; which considering our situation equals the most heroic of yours.

Abigail Adams to John Adams, June 17, 1782






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  1. Well how many now have either dumped their spouses, aborted their children in the sanctuary of their womb, or are having an affair with the state as their sugar daddy?

  2. Don L-
    roughly as many as those men males who dumped wife and child, denied responsibility for children outside of marriage or are pleased to cuckold the state.

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