The Left Eats Its Own


Protestors outside of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D. NY) house protesting his caving in on shutting down the government:

Politics tend to bring out the worst in people, but for sheer wack-doodle craziness nothing matches the irrationality that has found its home on the Left in this country in recent decades.

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  1. Truth: “for sheer wack-doodle craziness nothing matches the irrationality that has… ” Thing is everything (fake feminism; open borders; gay privileges; the sexual revolution; socialism; more-than-two genders; that we the people are required to pay for abortions, birth control, a couple thousand nut-jobs’ sex reassignments “medical care,” . . .) they have is irrational and dystopian.

    Seen elsewhere on the web, uncharitable: “Make the World a better place. Punch a liberal in the face.”

  2. I have no love for Chuck Schumer by any means. However, I’m
    disturbed by the video of protesters demonstrating outside his
    home. By all means demonstrate outside the man’s office, or
    in front of DNC HQ. But in front of his home, where I assume his
    wife or even other family members also live? That disturbs me,
    especially in this day, when leftist demonstrators so easily turn

    That aside, it warms the cockles of my heart to see the left eating
    its own. Heh.

  3. The left IS eating it’s own!
    Through abortion they are minimizing their followers.
    They materially are sacrificing their own base since the momentum from Pro-Life generations are making headway. In our little neck of the woods, our congregation gladly is made up of 5, 6 plus children in childbearing families. I’m not saying each family averages 5 to 6, but the majority of these Catholic families are well above 2.5 per family ( respectfully ).
    This, all the while our Holy Father takes a pot shot by using rabbits as an analogy for Catholic families to be ( responsible ). After all, we have to worry about the Earth and the dreaded ” overpopulation” myth.

    So, yes. The left IS eating it’s own through the soup du jour;
    Abortion-same sex propaganda and promotion-transgender as normal, not disordered needing help and healing. These ingredients make a deadly soup.
    Call it Degeneration gumbo.
    Bye bye Left. Remember, your doing it yourselves. Your designs. Your demise.

  4. I have no love for Chuck Schumer by any means. However, I’m
    disturbed by the video of protesters demonstrating outside his

    He lives in Brooklyn. That looks to be an apartment building. Likely with a doorman.

  5. The DEGENERATION X has nothing to offer since transsexualism is really neutering. What is appalling is that the Left is trying to force the taxpayers to pay for their immoral vagaries. Suppressing the TRUTH from Jesus Christ to the newly begotten human soul and lying about gender is corruption that needs to stop.
    Peaceable assembly to petition the government for redress of grievances is a First Amendment civil right. Why weren’t the peacemakers out there too?

  6. I’ve absolutely stayed away from political rallies all my life. Did anyone attend Tea Party rallies, Trump rallies, March-for-Life rallies & c.? Is it the thing at any of them to chant witless sing-song slogans?

  7. As a body count, and as a citizen, the March for Life is important to the conscience of the person. The March for Life was invigorating and liberating, better than jogging. When I could no longer go, I stayed at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington and prayed. I was not alone.

  8. If relativism signifies contempt for fixed categories and [for] men who claim to be bearers of an external objective truth, then there is nothing more relativistic than fascist attitudes.
    —Benito Mussolini

  9. I have been away for the past week in middle Pennsylvania (hence my lack of comments), welcoming my step-daughter and her husband to America from the Philippines. They arrived via legal immigration. She has a work Visa for employment at a local medical center. We helped her get a social security number, completion of finger printing, a new apartment, furniture, bare essentials for a new home (tableware, dishes, pots, pans, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.), cell phones and so on. Dealing with the govt was difficult, but dealing with business-provided services was easy (so long as the step-Dad had money! Ha! Ha!). When we went to the SSN office, the lady said that DHS issues SSNs for immigrants. But she was a kind lady and checked to see if the SSN cards were released. They had been, but to the wrong address (they were supposed to go to step-daughter’s place of employment but a transposed 0 had them going to a galaxy far, far away). It was another mess to fix that. And fingerprinting was a real joy (can you spell FBI?) and had to be done in a different government office in a different town 1.5 hours away (don’t ask why – it’s the govt). There were other snafus too numerous to mention here, but we got them all straightened out and I did not lose my temper (though my wife chattering in my ear to do this and that and the other thing while I was trying to talk with the SSN lady almost pushed me to the brink; but in her defense, she was as stressed and nervous as her daughter; the son-in-law was perfectly calm – God bless his heart!).

    So to all you godless, worthless, useless liberal progressive feminist Democrats who want DACA and all manner of open border illegal immigration, who want higher taxes that enrich govt to make foolish schemes like last week even worse, I say screw you all. Get out of my country. Out. Go to North Korea where you belong. And take Chuck Schumer with you! You never lifted a finger for a single immigrant. Not one solitary finger. And you damn sure aren’t taking my money to do it. I got two immigrants whom I am helping to take care of right now. I don’t need you importing Mexican drug lords and Syrian Islamic terrorists. And PS, don’t you DARE accuse me of being racist and prejudiced against people of color. My step-daughter and her husband are as dark of skin as any African-American. So a pox on you and all your diabolical works.

    One other thing. I know my life is all screwed up (I explained that before in a different comment). But I love my step-daughter and her husband just as I love my two biological children. I am not going to make a difference between either sets of children. And America was built on legal immigrants like my step-daughter and her husband who risk everything to start a new life in the land of freedom. So as long as God gives me money and resources, I shall do what I can for both my biological children and my wife’s. I didn’t come into the world with any money and resources, and I damn sure won’t leave with any. But on the other hand, I don’t want my taxes going for illegal immigrants when I have my own family to take care of. Am I selfish? Damn straight I am. My family comes first, not Jorge Bergoglio’s social justice crap.

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