First Trump State of the Union Address

Third longest State of the Union Address in history.  Could have used a fair amount of cutting, but delivered well.  As usual with these type of speeches, a lot of general proposals and few specifics.  What did you think?



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  1. The President had a great speech and used his guests and wove them beautifully into the speech. The message that hit home to me was to refocus the American people and their elected leaders, that it is the people that is to be served, this is their house, their chamber…remember that! Thank you Mr. PResident.

  2. Overall, I liked the consternation and hostility shown on the faces of the Democrats to the speech. Regardless of what Trump said, there is no compromise to be had with the Democrats. Luis Gutierrez fled the chamber at the chant of “USA! USA! USA!” Cory Booker should have followed him. I felt like shouting, “Get out of my country, you Democrats!” And the look on Pelosi’s face was priceless.

    The only thing I did not like was Trump’s message on energy. He was right for supporting clean coal initiatives (though truthfully I don’t believe there is such a thing – coal will always be dirty). But what he needed to say is that Obama’s regulatory construction of energy – coal, oil, gas, nuclear – will be removed and the free market will be allowed to work. No handouts for any source of energy, including solar and wind, and all sources of energy will be held to the same standard: don’t dump your refuse – whether coal ash or noxious gases or radioactivity – into the environment. Sadly that nuance did not get communicated and all we heard about was coal. I understand Trump was pandering to coal areas like West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and shoving Hillary’s statement about putting workers out of business right up the Democrats’ nether regions. I was truly happy about that. Thus I do not fault him. But this is too important an area to screw up with just rhetoric. Sadly, most politicians and businessmen don’t know anything about energy. Not their field of expertise.

    So that’s my only complaint about the speech. Which means overall I liked it. And again to the Democrats, “Get out of my country, you baby murdering, sodomy sanctifying anti-American traitors!” Hey, just tellin’ ya’all the way I feel.

  3. Trump is making America great again.

    The Dems don’t like it.

    Was it only me? It appeared that little Kennedy [expletive deleted] was foaming at the mouth?

  4. It was fitting that many Dems wore black as protest.
    The party that hates America and Americans looked so mournful.
    THEY put Trump in office by supporting a presidential candidate that embraced death and deceit. Benghazi – 30,000 missing emails , and my favorite; “Religions need to change their view on abortion.” -HC
    Yes. Black fits perfectly. May black forever represent the party of death.
    One Nation Under God is a nation that supports Life.
    The adoption of the baby Hope was a great representation of Americans who are committed to the sacredness of life.
    Joy is returning to America…Joy and Hope.

  5. Smells like a Pelosi Catholic stumbled in.
    Sulphur or in this case Sulphiluric.
    I have sixty million reasons Phil is upset.

  6. Phil, exactly WHY do you say we are NOT Catholic? Aren’t you being a bit judgmental and non-inclusive and anti-diversity?

    BTW, exactly WHAT in Trump’s speech was anti-Catholic? And exactly WHAT in the Democratic pro-abortion, pro-sodomy minority sitting in the chamber is authentically Catholic?

    “Philus locuta est causa finita est.” Ha! Ha!

    Philus plenus est superbiae et excrementi quoque.

  7. After tethering my sled polar bears outside, I sat and watched Trump’s SOTU address from my igloo up here in the Great White North. Being a Canuck I have no dog in the American political hunt, but your president’s speech was excellent and the pickle-faced demeanour of Democratic congresshumans was priceless to watch. Nancy Pelosi’s macabre death-mask facial contortions perfectly reflected her absolute allegiance to the culture of death. A real life Dorian Grey visage broadcast directly into my igloo by CNN. The refusal of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus to acknowledge, let alone applaud, the low black unemployment record discredits them to an impartial observer far more than they appeared to grasp. Meanwhile Donald Trump kept slugging home runs into the electoral bleachers. A remarkable performance. Great political theatre.

  8. What John the Mad said.

    It’s a few days after the fact and I am still moved when I think of the brave Korean who waved his crutches and that blessed couple who adopted the child of the heroin addict. Despite the evil and decadence of our time (and the dour, angry Democrats and some of the Republicans in that chamber embody evil and decadence), there are still people like that in the world.

    Oh, and on a less uplifting note, it was entertaining to see Pelosi – is she Phil’s idea of a “good Catholic” – looking like she was chewing barbed wire. I tried to watch the response, but when a Kennedy started decrying the evils of “rich celebrities” (while standing in front of a car!! Bad optics for a relative of Teddy’s!) I thought I had better turn off the TV before the hypocrisy set the screen on fire.

  9. Bless your heart, Phil. It depends on what your definition of the word ‘Catholic’ is. .

    I woke this morning and respiration, BP, etc. seem satisfactory. Said my prayers. Donald J. Trump is President. Life is good.

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