Something for the weekend.  KK-K-K-Katy, one of the more popular songs of 1918.  Our times do not have a monopoly on silly music.  Kids were still singing this in the Sixties when I was growing up.



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  1. I loved this song growing up. Every once in a while I still sing it to myself. The idea that a man would adore a girl so much and spill his love out to her. Charming and innocent.

  2. I had np idea the song was that old. In terms of silliness, the 1920’s hit “Yes, We Have No Bananas” beats it, though.
    Many thousands still sing one of the big hits of 1908 from opening day through October:. Here’s a Doris Day- Frank Sinatra version:


    I somehow doubt whatever the big hits of 2008 were will last that long.

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