PopeWatch: They Probably Make the Trains Run on Time Too


Our old friend Argentinian Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, go here to read about him, is back in the news, via a Google translation:



Beltramo explains that Mons. Sorondo visited Beijing (Beijing) for the first time a few months ago and returned to Rome excited.  These are some of the phrases of the Argentine archbishop when interviewed by the journalist for Vatican Insider:

 “They (the Chinese) seek the common good, subordinate things to the general good.  Stefano Zamagni assured me, a traditional economist, very considerate in all times, by all Popes.

 I found an extraordinary China;  what people do not know is that the central Chinese principle is work, work, work.  There is no other, in the background is as Paul said: he who does not work, who does not eat.  You do not have shantytowns, you do not have drugs, young people do not have drugs.  There is a positive national conscience, they want to show that they have changed, they already accept private property .”

 Bishop Sorondo highlighted numerous points of agreement between the Holy See and Beijing, which “is defended the dignity of the person” following, more than other countries, the encyclical of Francisco “Laudato Si” on the care of the common home, placing himself between the most active advocates of the Cop21 agreement (the United Nations conference to limit the emission of gases that cause global warming).  In this, he is assuming a moral leadership that others have left:

 ” The economy does not dominate politics, as in the United States , said by the Americans themselves.  How is it possible that the oil multinationals manage (Donald) Trump?  When, we know, that is doing wrong to the earth.  According to the encyclical and according to what the scientists say.  Liberal thought has liquidated the concept of the common good, they do not even want to take it into account, it affirms that it is an empty idea, without any interest.  On the other hand, the Chinese do not propose work and the common good “.

 The prelate stressed that also in the field of organ donation, China “has grown enormously”, leaving behind forced extraction (which it recognized and abolished as a practice in 2005) and launching a “very interesting” system that digitally links donors with recipients throughout the country.  He assured that it is the “best method” he has seen because he considers donors as heroes and even have special cemeteries reserved for them.


Go here to read the sickening rest. Go here for Steven Mosher’s, he helped expose China’s forced abortion policy, take on it.  There are three possible conclusions that can be drawn from this:


  1. The Archbishop is an idiot.
  2. He is a loathsome toady to Pope Francis who will say anything to justify the Vatican betrayal of the underground Church.
  3. He truly is a fan of the appalling Chinese Communist dictatorship.

Of course, all three may be true.

China will not be enslaved forever and fools and worse like Sorondo will not be in charge of the Vatican forever.



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  1. This also was posted at Marginal Revolution. A commenter wrote “I didn’t know there was such a thing as ‘Catholic materialism.'” Dulce Jesuitici inexpertis. Someone correct my Latin.

    Pacem, Bishop. I’m pretty sure the masses of Chinese do not enjoy the blessings of your “social justice,” e.g., inequality of outcome. China is one of the most polluting nations on the planet, and its climate goals/targets are much lower than they would impose on the US. I see it as part of the postmodern war against the West.

    This provides more reasons (as if I needed one more) why I have no respect for the so-called social sciences.

    Aside from that, everything the bishop said is b—$–t. Hat tip to Art Deco’s responsorial “you said that as if it was a bad thing.”

  2. Option 4, the Archbishop is a witting tool of Satan. I go with Option 4. No one is that blind to the abuse of power in China. It’s just that it’s not his ox being gored. I would put nothing past this pontificate.

  3. Not to worry, they’ll probably have meatless egg rolls on Fridays?
    Are we watching the Church’s second reformation (revolution)? If so, are the Jesuits (Marxist Liberation Theology) the cause rather than the cure for the problem this time?

  4. The more I think about this, the more I realize that Sánchez Sorondo is exactly right. Communist China IS the perfect embodiment of “Catholic Social Teaching”.

    We’ve all known for quite some time now that, whenever Catholic social justice types drone on about “Catholic Social Teaching”, what they REALLY mean is massive-scale collectivist redistribution policy, a penchant for population control accented by a tolerance for unfettered abortion, and a desire to shut down those embarrassing religious believers who take their faith just a tad too seriously.

    All Sánchez Sorondo has done is to officially confirm that so-called “Catholic Social Teaching” is nothing but a commie crock of $***.

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